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War of the Five Kings


The Seven Kingdoms

A map of The Seven Kingdoms with political borders.
Sigil Name Colour Culture Religion Ruler Capital
Dragonstone.jpg Dragonstone #B27300 Dragonstone R'hllor King Stannis Baratheon Dragonstone
Dorne.png Dorne #ff8c00 Dornish Faith of The Seven Prince Doran Martell Sunspear
SaltyBois.png The Iron Island #5a5a5a Ironborn The Drowned God King Balon Greyjoy Pyke
Stark.png The North #bababa Northern The Old Gods King Robb Stark Winterfell
Tully.png The Riverlands #236B8E Riverland Faith of The Seven Lord Paramount Edmure Tully Riverrun
Tyrell.png The Reach #64e764 Reachmen Faith of The Seven Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell High Garden
Baratheon.png The Stormlands #ffff00 Stormland Faith of The Seven King Renly Baratheon Storms End
Arryn.png The Vale #72bcd4 Vale Faith of The Seven Lady Lysa Arryn The Eyrie
Lannister.png The Westerlands #8b0000 Westerlands Faith of The Seven Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister Kings Landing

Beyond the North

Minor Factions


The Free Cities

Minor Factions

Emergent Factions

House Targaryen

White Walkers

Founding your own Kingdom