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House Targaryen

House Targaryen is an emergent faction, and a major power found within Westeros after completing 'The Message' quest for Lord Vary's. Their leader is Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.
Their sigil is a three-headed dragon breathing flames on a field of black. Their motto is "Fire and blood." Their motto comes from the Valyrian ability to bound and use dragons, and the blood they spill with them.
Their map colour is Blood Red.


House Targaryen is a noble family of Valyrian descent, and is the only family of the dragonlords who survived the doom of Valyria. They ruled as kings of the Iron Throne and as the great house of the Crownlands for nearly three hundreds years. House Targaryen took possession of the castle Dragontone upon leaving Valyria. Following the conquest, they built Aegonfort in the capital city of Kings Landing. The Aegonfort was later torn down and replaced by the red keep. which remained their main sea for the duration of their dynasty, and which houses the Iron Throne. However Since Roberts Rebellion, the Targaryen's are thought to be extinct, and petty kings squabble for the throne.


The Targaryen incursion into Westeros starts with the Dragonstone. A castle on the mouth of the blackwater. This castle is one of the oldest seats of House Targaryen, the castle was carved out of rock using magic and dragon fire to appear like dragons. The Island and the castle are on a small island, with the Westerlands and Kings Landing to the West.


The religion of the Targaryen vassals vary, most of Queen Deanery's followers are Dothraki, and worship the Horse Lord. Others are Westerosi, and worship the Seven or the Drowned God.


Queen Daenerys Targaryen


Grey Worm

Khal Qotho

Khal Ildo

Khal Zinno

Khal Addrivo

Theon Greyjoy

and Ser Jorah Mormont





Aeners Rest and Crackclaw

Troop Tree

Crownland Troop Tree

The Crownland is a balanced kingdom. hey aren't superior than most of the Seven Kingdoms, but no worse off. Their equipment is lacklustre however, mostly being equipped with chainmail and leather. Crownland archers are equipped with longbows and can cut bloody swathes in volley fire. A lot of lords of House Targaryen use their own troops; Grey Worm for example will use Unsullied alongside Crownland troops to supplement the rudimental units of the Crownlands.

Dragon Guard

Unique, Heritage Based Troops

The player can recruit the following special, elite troops if Valyrian is chosen as the starting people:

-Dragon Guards can be recruited from Illyrio Mopatis at his manse near Pentos, if your background is Targaryen.

Here is a link for the location of Illyrio's Manse.

-The Dragon Guard are one of the most elite heavy cavalry units in the game. Serve as devastating heavy shock cavalry.

Recruiting Crownland Troops

In order to recruit Crownland units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Valyrian race on character creation. Crownland units may also be recruited from fiefs owned by Queen Deanery's Targaryen's (see Vary's Quests). Additional ways to recruit Crownland units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.

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