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Dragonstone is one of the major factiond found within Westeros, and is lead by King Stannis Baratheon of House Baretheon. King Stannis is one of the claiments to the Iron Throne.
Their sigil is a crowned black stag within a fiery red heart. Their official motto is "Ours is the Fury," the words of House Baratheon.
Their map colour is Blood Orange


Dragonstone was established as a castle after the Targaryens first landed in Westeros, it being their first major stronghold in the area. The castle of Dragonstone is known as being an impregnable fortress that can be held with very few men, and as such makes for a great capital for a future king. When Aegon the Conqueror established himself as an independent monarch and launched his campaigns against the other kingdoms, he used Dragonstone as his base of operations and staged their attacks from inside of there. The castle itself happens to have a full map of Westeros built into a table. The kingdom of dragonstone was established when Stannis Baratheon declared Independence from the crown and made himself an official monarch vying for the crown to unite all of Westeros. The area surrounding Dragonstone is filled with small peninsulas and islands that each have their own castles and villages with lords to rule over them, making it ideal for each ruler to field his own army. Perhaps this explains why Dragonstone has not been attacked by an enemy kingdom yet, due to its natural defenses. Their current ruler believes himself to be a reincarnation of some ancient hero, someone who is supposed to save the world from an age old darkness that threatens to overtake all light. He is the first Westerosi monarch to worship the lord of light R'hllor. If you listen closely in the dead of night some say you can hear the screams of those who have been burned as sacrifices to this lord, and they say if you look out over the ocean you can see the smoke from burned flesh rising into the air.


Dragonstone is one of the the major factions in Westeros. Dragonstone is located right above The Stormlands and to the right of The Westerlands. Because they are located on an island for the most part, this makes battle against dragonstone quite difficult as they tend to have the advantage on the sea. Due to their location on the sea and their islands, the kingdom of Dragonstone has great defenses. They also have a city located at the bottom of Stormland territory and a few castles located in the middle of Stormland territory. Dragonstone is a massive supplier of fish and salt because of their location on islands in the sea. They also suffer from not having as many cities as some of the other kingdoms. Dragonstone is mainly a military force rather than an agricultural power. As their king is a great general and leader he is very respected among his subjects, however he is not very charismatic and suffers from a lack of support.


Dragonstone widely worships R'Hllor.


King Stannis Baratheon


Ser Davos Seaworth

Lord Durham

Ban Emmon

Lord Axell Florent

Ser Justin Massey

Lord Monford Velaryon

Ser Richard Horpe

Lord Hardwood Fells

Lord Casper Wylde

Ser Richard Morrigen

Lord Lucos Chyttering

Lord Symond Staunton

Lord Alester Florent

Lord Adrien Celtigar

Ser Gilbert Farring

Lord Lomas Estermont

Lord Andrew Estermont

Salladher Saan

Lord Guncer Sunglass

Ser Hubert Rambton

Lord Eustace Brune

Ser Bennard Brune

Ser Clayton Suggs

Lord Hugh Grandison

Lord Robin Paeseburg

and Lord Lester Morrigen





Claw Isle, Driftmark, Castle Wrath, Rain House, Crow's Nest, Grand View, Felwood, Stone Dance, Sharp Point, Sweetport Sound, Rook's Rest, Dyre Den and Brownhollow.


Aenar's Rest, Bear Cave, Far's End, Wrathwood, Breakers Bay, Lions Den, Hunters Pass, Massey's Hook, Point Bay, Swifts Port, Whispers, Maidens Fair, Cracklaw and Spicetown.

Troop Tree

Dragonstone Troop Tree

Dragonstone uses a wide array of troops that are pretty balanced. However they specialize in medium armored infantry and medium armored shock cavalry. Because Dragonstone has good medium infantry units they are best used in sieges and protecting archers on the field. In a field battle it is advisable to send your Dragonstone cavalry slamming through the enemies infantry in order the break their formation, and then charge your infantry through the crippled infantry and archers. Though, A good way to combat Dragonstone units is by having your archers gain the high ground and fire down upon them. Westerland crossbowmen seem to do a good job of this.


-Cavalry and higher tier infantry have great armor

-High tier infantry uses military hammers


-Archers use hunting bows

Dragonstone Champion

Unique, Heritage Based Troops

The player can recruit the following special, elite troops if Dragonstone is chosen as the starting people:

-Dragonstone Champion can be recruited from NPC Ross Jonsson located in Driftmark if starting people is Dragonstone AND if renown is high enough (between 750-1,000 renown). It costs 10,000 stags and 14 days to get 5 Dragonstone Champions.

-The Dragonstone Champion is one of the most elite heavy shock unit in the game. Serve as devastating heavy shock infantry. Dragonstone Champions are equipped with spiked maces which are useful for knocking enemy troops unconscious and taking them prisoner.

-Their weakness is having a low variety of weapons and pretty low head armor.

Queen's Man

Unique, Location Based Troops

Queen's Man

The player can recruit the following special, elite troops if Dragonstone is governed by the player:

-Queens Man can be recruited from the Master-of-Arms located in Dragonstone.

-The player needs to directly, govern Dragonstone to be able to recruit Queens Man.

-The Queens Man are an elite semi-heavy cavalry. They wear great body armor whilst lacking in leg and horse armor. With a price of 6,000 stags for 9 Queen's Men and longswords they serve as fast glass cannons.

Recruiting units from Dragonstone

In order to recruit Dragonstone units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Dragonstone race on character creation. Dragonstone units can be recruited from villages regardless of player status unless they are hostile to The Dragonstone. Additional ways to recruit Dragonstone units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.

Extra Infomation

King Stannis Baratheon has the unique sword Lightbringer. You can either execute him or send him to the wall to obtain it. Contrary to popular belief, his sword is not Valyrian steel, meaning it will not harm White Walkers. Dragonstone is the only kingdom in Westeros with a king who worships the lord of light. Dragonstone is the second smallest Westerosi kingdom, with the Iron Islands being the first. The fortress of Dragonstone is able to be held by a small garrison due to the structure of it. Lords can often get stuck in the port of Dragonstone, Therefore if lords are not showing up to your campaigns it is wise to look for them there.