The King of the Seven Kingdoms

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King of the seven kingdoms

To become King or Queen you must first take and hold King's Landing. You will then be granted special options.

  • Send lords to the wall. When sentencing a lord to take the black, be aware that this will cause all other lords and ladies within their faction to take a significant relation hit.
  • Buy special armor and weapons. Should you take King's Landing, you may buy Kingsguard and Gold Cloak armor from the Faction Blacksmith. It is also said King Robert Baratheon left a weapon of great power somewhere in King's Landing...
  • Recruit special troops. You may talk to Janos Slynt, Lord Commander of the City Watch, once a week to purchase 15 Gold Cloaks, which will be added to the garrison of King's Landing.
  • Able to get new random events such as getting Sam as a companion.