Ship Combat

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  • At some point after starting to travel on the sea, you will participate in a naval battle.
  • First of all, you need to know how to control your ship. You can give the command to row forward, fast forward, backwards, or stay. The up and down arrow keys switch between these commands. You can also give the command to go straight, starboard, hard starboard, port or hard port. The left and right arrow keys switch between these commands.
  • Current commands are represented by arrows around the representation of your ship in the upper right corner. Press Enter to set the \sail and Backspace to get a tactical view of the scene. Try these commands to get a feeling for steering a ship and the effect of the wind.
  • As soon as you get close enough to an enemy ship, boarding will commence. The ships are lashed together and the fight starts. If you are lucky, you may capture the enemy flagship after winning the fight.
  • In a sea battle where you have several ships, you can give a 'stand ground' or 'charge' command to your ships, which are assigned to the ninth 'division.' The first troops in your army list will be together with you on the flagship. \The other troops will be in the remaining ships. One can change one's flagship in a port or while camping on the sea.
  • With a reasonably large fleet, one may attack towns from their sea sides. To do so, simply click on the enemy port town and you will have option to attack it once you reach it without first disembarking.