New Siege System

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One of the things missed in Warband was completely realistic siege warfare. A World of Ice and Fire exploits this to the fullest. Now when the player besieges a settlement two paths can be taken to subjugate the place: by debilitation (hunger, diseases ...) and by assault.

In the first case, the player's mission is to encircle the settlement (you need 200 or more men) and prevent it from receiving supplies or reinforcements. At the same time various actions can be performed to undermine morale, spread disease or destroy food reserves of the settlement. This type of action will take longer, but also prevent a large number of casualties.

In the second case direct action is taken, provided assault equipment is available (ladders, battering ram, ramps, mantlets ...) or offensive actions (wearing down the defenders, burning their houses and walls ...). This is when the player feels ready to launch a full-scale assault to conquer the settlement. This type of action has the advantage that the place can be vanquished in a short amount of time, but usually at a very high cost of lives.

In addition to the above, a new system of assault involving both types of siege tactics is also available. When the settlement has a port, the player may equip a fleet and block the port. The player can then choose to continue the siege until the surrender by debilitation, or lead an assault by sea.

The complexity and characteristics of the new siege system is long, and the best thing is to discover and develop strategies for yourself. Welcome to Realistic Siege Warfare