AWoIaF v9.2 changelog

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  • Fixed and updates to the A Blood Sacrifice for the Black Goat of Qohor quest.
  • Updated all Valyrian weapons to have bonus against shields.
  • Added Sea Smoke to a special chest.
  • Attempted to fix Euron’s armor being white.
  • Reduced holy hundred price to 50k stags.
  • Fixed being able to spam troops for Holy Hundred, Gallant Men, Ragged Standards and Golden Company.
  • Fixed error spam in merchant stores.
  • Various other issues fixed.
  • Attempted fix for not being able to upgrade the obsidian mines.
  • Fixed text if you do not have the correct materials for the obsidian mine.
  • Qohorik Forester should always start with a bow.
  • Increased Connacht Vynaris horse archery skill.
  • Fixed being able to recruit iron legion troops more than once.
  • Fixed with player saying the incorrect text when buying a valyrian sword.
  • Updated and clarified The Lands of Always Winter quest text.
Some info regarding the Blood sacrifice quest as it turns out this was fairly complicated to code and manage:
  • You can raze the temple without taking the quest - if you do then Calypso will still attack you, but different things will happen.
  • You will not be able to start the quest if the temple has already been razed.
  • If you raze the temple without taking the quest then Calypso can escape as usual after the battle.
  • If you raze the temple whilst doing the quest, Calypso will always be knocked out and can never escape.
  • If you are captured while doing the quest and lose Calypso, you can talk to the quest giver and cancel the quest.
  • You must always kill Calypso (via talking to him in the party window) to obtain his items and complete the quest.
  • Killing him while you do not have the quest will have no effect - but you will still gain his items.