AWoIaF v8.1 changelog

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  • Areo Hotah is now tall
  • Scaled all scaleable models too tall to work right with ragdolls (for regular troops)
  • Revised surrender dialog logic so town lords don't autosurrender above minimum to consider
  • Made mnu_castle_taken_native exit like the other options
  • Made player's stronghold follow his/her faction changes
  • Fixed tournament spawning and initialization
  • Completed second outfit at tournaments
  • Increased all elephants hitpoints by 25%
  • Added some Targaryen armours to the Targaryen faction shop. Not all have been added as you will need to 'acquire' these yourself.
  • Updated Lysyra Rogare's age and clothing.
  • Fixed/Adjusted the Golden Company troop tree.
  • Gallant men now use boats when crossing the water.
  • Updated Red Rains description.
  • Updated the French and Spanish translations.
  • For now the player cannot execute or send lord companions to the wall. This caused a few errors and exploits.
  • Massively optimised the lords companions assignment code and attempted to fix the cloned issue - needs testing.
  • Stopped the bank menu periodically popping up. You can access this in reports -> bank menu.
  • Added entry points for the castle and prison in Shatterstone.


  • War for Dawn quest should now complete once finished
  • Fixed Dorne location specific events that could happen outside of Dorne.
  • Fixed face codes for Ser Myke Brax, Tregys Aeniris, Norodos Ennyl and Jabal Dos.
  • Ironborn and Dothraki companions should now belong to the correct faction.
  • Fixed incorrect weapon skill of Ser Parmen Crane.
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue for Khal Pono's Bloodriders.
  • Fixed issue where pillaging the bearded priest temple could cause many villages to lose relations with you.
  • Fixed there being two instances of Perkin Follard.
  • Fixed Pretender dialogues not showing correctly.
  • Fixed Arianne Martell not connected to Doran Martell.
  • Fixed issues buying land if their is no lord yet present.