AWoIaF v7.1 changelog

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  • Adjusted Dornish Elite Heavy Spearmen stats.
  • Slightly adjusted/balanced Wildling equipment.
  • Correctly added Alaric Wolfsbane to The Fist of the First Men.
  • Slightly buffed Unsullied.
  • Braavosi Crossbowmen now have bolts.
  • Balanced many stats of various troops.
  • Buffed/modified all Volantis troops.
  • Fixed Red Rain and Lamentation being invisible.
  • Fixed issue with Thenn Valley scene.
  • Fixed fluorescent polearms. thanks Dubcuda
  • As requested I have adjusted the proficiencies of the Westerlander pikemen.
  • Fixed incorrect banners at dragonstone.
  • Added chest back to Kings Landing.
  • Fixed issue with giant recruitment.
  • Several more fixes to some Iron Island scenes.
  • Added new scene to Gongaeron created by Tedeum.
  • Fixed a small issue with Freeing a Brother quest.