AWoIaF v6.2 changelog

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  • Wildling Champion Raider now has bow and arrows instead of javelins.
  • Increased weight of the giants stone axe and added crush_through tag.
  • Reduced damage of the normal stone axe.
  • Increased the damage of the bone axe.
  • Adjusted some Thenn troop loadouts.
  • Westerlands Pikemen now carry a sidearm.
  • Reduced the amount of land in towns by 2/3rd.
  • You need to have birthright (Your starting people choice must be the same as the towns faction) and enough renown to buy land now or you must be the lord of the town.

  • Fixed Reed Slavers Camps from not being removed after completing the quest.
  • Fixed 'freeing a brother' quest dialogue that keeps activating when near Pentos.
  • Fixed dialogue issue at Kings Landing with Reed Matter.
  • Fixed script error on main menu.