AWoIaF v4.1 changelog

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  • Added 2 new companions gained from random quests - Brog Matter, Reed Matter. (Patreon pledge tiers). There is quite a lot of content for these so there will be an option to turn them off or on. (not yet fully implemented)
  • Many changes to the campaign map.
  • Changed campaign map textures so they look better with HDR turned on.
  • Added 1x lord, 3x castles and 2x villages to the Iron Islands.
  • Added 3x lord, 3x castles and 3x villages to Westeros.
  • Added 7x lords, 7x castles and 7x villages to Essos.
  • Cleaned up initial loading screen.
  • Changed some map icons, updated some others.
  • Changed size of nearly all map icons.
  • Changed name and location of duplicated settlement Fawnton.
  • The players son or daughter should now have the same colour hair as the player - fixes issues for people playing as Valyrian.
  • Added a max value to land wind which will hopefully stop the crazy tree dances.
  • Slightly increased grass flora amount.
  • Improved religion code for villages - this 'should' stop issues with the player sometimes not being able to recruit from villages due to negative relations.
  • Added Wooden Scene Props pack from Adorno (,380806.0.html)
  • Added 6x villages scenes from Gokiller (,380806.0.html)


  • Adjusted banners in Kings Landing keep.
  • Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Giants Lance.
  • Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Shipbreaker.
  • Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Whispering.
  • Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Ryamsport.


  • Updated incorrect stamina mechanics in tournaments and in the arena.
  • Fixed some villages showing the incorrect icons.
  • Fixed some incorrect strings showing for some villages.
  • Fixed random events sometimes firing when performing work for a village.
  • Fixed remaining issues with Oldtown ships getting stuck.
  • Fixed enslaved villages not always resetting correctly.

v4.1 hotfix

  • Fixed village relations always lowering.
  • Added Commoners Trust to character screen.
  • Removed debug info showing.
  • Various other small fixes.