V9.0 Update

I am currently in the process of developing v9.0. You can watch the video below where i show a little bit more about it.
I suspect a release for this within the next few weeks. I will post the current changelog below, though its still set to change.

A World of Ice and Fire Update - Warband/Bannerlord.

Fixed various issues relevant from the last couple of VC updates.
Fixed several faction relations conflicts.
Fixed prison door in Myr.
Fixed prison issue in The Arbour.
Fixed issues with Ashford castle hall.
Fixed issues with entering locations at Storms End.
Fixed issues with the prison at Frostfangs Camp.
Fixed entering lords hall at Weeping Town.
Fixed issue when exiting Pyke prison.
Fixed the destructible prison doors at:
* Karhold
* Horn Hill
* Three Towers
* Wayfarers Rest
* Bloody Gate.
Fixed issue when exiting the prison at:
* Golden Grove
* Planky Town
* The Wall.
Selling troops to Yoren or the wandering crows will now give NW recruits to the correct party.
Fixed issue with the main menu text in the incorrect position.
Added updated French translations. Thanks Daneel.
Fixed several missing textures.
Fixed several missing meshes.
Fixed the obsidian mine not correctly stacking generated obsidian ores.
Increased High Bearded Priest Calypso Eranelar polearm wp skill.
Increased Tregys Aeniris two handed wp skill.
Added a new Widling troop.
Added two new Thenn troops.
Added a new special recruitment troop to Driftmark.
Added a new special recruitment troop to Old Town.
Added a new merc group recruitment to Old Stone Bridge.
Added a new merc group recruitment to the Inn of the Kneeling Man.
Added a Golden Company camp to Essos where you can recruit Golden Company troops.
Added new R’hllor troops.
Added new Old Gods troops.
Added new Faith of the Seven troops.
Upgraded all Wierwoods to act like the septries.
Updated Pentos, Lorath, Qohor, Tyrosh inc villages and castles to be of R’hllor religion.
Updated Areo Hotah dialogue.
Added several new items.
Septries and R’hllor temples are now slightly more likely to give religious troops when attempting to recruit from them.