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Companions within AWOIAF (will be frequently updated)

Name Likes Dislikes Upset by Companion type Level Cost Social class Personality
Anguy Dick Crabb, Xhondo Attacking the defenseless Fighter (archer) 2 1200 Noble Good-natured
Brienne of Tarth Gendry Bronn Failing quests, fleeing from battles Fighter, leader 32 4000 Noble Martial
Bronn Anguy Ser Illfer the Penniless Not paying wages Fighter 2 1200 Noble Pitiless
Crastos Brienne of Tarth Syrio Forel Attacking the defenseless Tracker, fighter 3 1000 Noble Martial
Dick Crabb Anguy, Ser Illfer the Penniless Engineer, fighter 7 1500 Noble Martial
Gendry Brienne of Tarth Xhondo Engineer 1 550 Noble Good-natured
Hibald Gendry Merchant 8 1870 Commoner Good-natured
Podrick Payne (to be added in Beta 10) Brienne of Tarth None Attacking the defenseless Fighter 2 Free Noble Good-natured
Qyburn Xhondo Shagga son of Dolf Not paying wages, heavy casualties Surgeon 4 1400 Commoner Cunning
Ser Barristan Selmy Syrio Forel Bronn Failing quests, attacking the defenseless Fighter 6 800 Noble Upstanding
Ser Creighton Longbough Ser Illfer the Penniless Bronn, Shagga son of Dolf Fighter (mounted) 4 2100 Commoner Good-natured
Ser Illfer the Penniless Ser Creighton Longbough Bronn, Dick Crabb Fleeing from battles Figher (mounted) 9 1900 Noble Cunning
Shagga son of Dolf Bronn Ser Creighton Longbough Not paying wages Fighter 5 1560 Noble Cunning
Syrio Forel Ser Barristan Selmy Anguy Running out of food, fleeing from battles Trainer, fighter 5 1300 Noble Upstanding
Xhondo Qyburn Anguy, Gendry Running out of food, not paying wages Fighter 10 600 Noble Martial

Ulf (Level 46) - This outlaw companion can be hired along with his mercenary company you can find discovering AWOIAF.

The Tattered Prince (Level 46) - This Noble companion can be hired along with his mercenary company his 2 companions (Caggo, lvl 46 and Denzo D'han, lvl 43) you can find discovering AWOIAF.

Companions can also be recruited through random events.