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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: The mod crashes on initial start or halfway through the loading screen. What do I do?

A1: Make sure that:

  • you are running the latest version of MB:Warband
  • your copy of the game is legitimate and is bought through Steam, GoG, TaleWorlds etc. (pirated version of the game WILL NOT WORK)
  • the options "Load textures on demand" is ticked in the launcher options; Configure → Video options → Load textures on demand: ticked
  • edit mode is disabled in the launcher options; Configure → Advanced → Enable Edit Mode: unticked

If none of the above solves the problem, please report it with it's error message in the community forums.

Q2: Are the new Stark troops recruitable?

A2: Yes. Talk to the master-at-arms at the fief associated with specific units (Starks-Winterfell; Gold Cloaks-King's landing etc). Note: You must own the fief.

Q3: How do I get the Valyrian blade, it says I'm unacquainted?

A3: 600 renown is required.

Q4: How to join the Free Folk/Wildlings?

A4: Go beyond the wall and talk to Mance Rayder. He will have a task ready for you.

Q5: How can I get a child?

A5: When you obtain enough relation points with your wife, a new dialogue option will appear.

Q6: Why was the "Find Item" cheat option removed?

A6: Due to the amount of textures in the mod, using this would cause your game to be unstable and cause lots of false negative bug reports and irregularities.

Q7: Will the "Find Item" cheat option ever be added again?

A7: Only for the Developer builds due to the reason stated above.

Q8: Why can I not turn off the wound system?

A8: This is an integral part of Game of Thrones. Even the player is mortal here.

Q9: Can I turn off weapon breaking?

A9: No. Various other features revolve around this, for instance Valyrian weapons will not break. You can decrease the likely hood of weapons taking damage by increasing your Weapon Mastery skill.

Q10: How many ships can the player have?

A10: Due to engine limitations this is limited to 7.

Q11: Dragons?

A11: Nope. Engine limitations do not enable us to add these in a believable manner.

Q12: Can you add such and such feature or armour?

A12: Sure, you can donate via the forums or patreon page to get your features, items or characters into the mod. Alternatively you can post your suggestions over at the forums.

Q13: Why can I not recruit from the faction specific blacksmith?

A13: You either need to be of that people (selected at game start) or have a very relations with them.

Q14: Why do I get weird white object on the ground?

A14: This is due to the shaders being used. You need to turn plant shadows to full in the options menu.

Q15: Why do I have no text on the main menu?

A15: Delete font.data in your Data folder within the A World of Ice and Fire modules folder.

Q16: I cannot continue my save after an update, what the frig happened?

A16: Updates mostly break save games (unless it's a minor one). This is a limitation of the module system and cannot be helped.

Q17: Why can't I start a new game?

A17: This is probably because you have used up all of your save slots. Try deleting one then try again.

Q18: Why does my character do an animation when I tell my troops to charge?

A18: You can turn this off in the mods options.

Q19: Can you support such and such language?

A19: Unfortunately I only speak English. You can however offer to help by heading here.

Q20: Can I join the Night King or become a Whitewalker?

A20: Currently not, no.

Q21: Where can I see video previews of updates for the modification?

A21: Here.