The Westerlands

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The Westerlands

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The Westerlands is one of the major factions in AWOIAF in Westeros. Work in Progress



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Troop Tree

The Westerlands is a very well balanced kingdom. Because of their riches they are able to afford heavy plated armor for just about all of their troops, even archers. The Westerlands fields heavy schock cavalry, powerful crossbowmen, and heavy footmen. Westerland troops are best used with the crossbowmen elevated on a hill and a line of infantry protecting them. You should have your cavalry close to the side of your infantry. When the enemy troops advance their cavalry towards you charge your own horseman at them to the side and charge your infantry straight towards them.

Troop Tree Placeholder

Extra Information

The Westerlands will become involved in a war against The North and The Riverlands very quickly.

You start off the game in The Westerlands.

King Joffrey has 7 Kingsguard, however they get captured often. If you save a Kingsguard from captivity he may join you as a companion.

The Westerlands is the only kingdom that actually uses crossbows.

Kings Landing

Recruiting units from The Westerlands

In order to recruit Westerland units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Westerland race on character creation. Westerland units can be recruited from villages regardless of player status unless they are hostile to The Westerlands. Additional ways to recruit Westerland units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.