The Riverlands

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The Riverlands is a region that is filled with rolling green hills and fresh water rivers. Because of their location in the middle of the map and bordering just about every faction, The Riverlands is a very frequent site for attack and battles. This unfortunately means that most of the villages within this kingdom are often very poor because they have been raided by various factions. The Riverlands have a high population in comparison to the other kingdoms, most of the peasants within it being farmers, fisherman, or soldiers. The Riverlands military does suffer from a divide in leadership, and as such their lords are often not able to field as many men as the other kingdoms. Due to the marriage of Catelyn Tully to Ned Stark the Riverlands is bound in alliance to The North, meaning that they will often help each-other in battles and the Riverlands will allow The North to invade The Westerlands unchallenged. If having Static Wars on then The Riverlands will become involved in a war against The Westerlands very early on, and later they will have to fight with The Reach as The Westerlands and The Reach forge their alliance with one another.


The Riverlands is one of the major factions in Westeros. It is located right below The North, above The Westerlands, and to the left of the Vale. The Riverlands occupy a narrow stretch of land from west to east across westeros, having alot of major cities in comparison to the other factions.The Riverlands is known as a very fertile region, the only other faction being able to even come close to their amount crops grown being The Reach.

Troop Tree

Riverlands Troop Tree

Riverland Troops
Riverlands Peasant
Riverlands Levy
Riverlands FootmanRiverlands Tracker
Riverlands Man-At-ArmsRiverlands ArcherRiverlands Outrider
Riverlands KnightRiverlands RangerRiverlands Cavalry
Riverlands Mounted Knight


Powerful Archers. Execelent medium Infantry


Poor Cavalry


The Riverlands has a powerful archer tree, some of the best in the 7 kingdoms. Their strength is not necessarily on the fields of battle, but instead when defending castles and cities. The Riverlands cavalry and infantry force is some of the weakest compared to the other kingdoms, but their archers make up for it with deadly arrow barrages that can take out armoured knights. It is a good idea to keep your archers protected by a shield wall of infantry or spearmen so that they do not get crushed by cavalry forces.



The Riverlands is the only kingdom in Westeros with a troop tree centered around ranged units besides the Nights Watch

The Riverlands has a very high number of cities compared to other factions

True to the name, The Riverlands has several rivers running through most of its territory.

The Riverlands are one of the first kingdoms to have war declared against.