The Reach

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The Reach

The Reach is a very old and very distinguished kingdom. True to the troops that they use, The Reach is a land that takes pride in its Knights and chivalrous values, it being a land of relative peace. Most of the Knights are from very rich families and can afford heavy suits of plated armor embroidered with the sigil of House Tyrell. The knights of The Reach like to pride themselves on their virtues and try their best to maintain a good appearance so not to embarrass their family, at least most do anyways. The reach used to be owned by another powerful family that fought against the Targaryens during the wars of conquest. However, their bannermen the Tyrells, decided not to fight against the Targaryens once their king was dead. For their act of "loyalty" to the crown, they were given Highgarden and named the wardens of the south, instantly rising to become one of the most powerful families in The Reach. Under the Tyrells The Reach began to prosper and rely on trade for most of their gold and power, quickly rising to become one of the most powerful kingdoms in the land.


The Reach is one of the major factions in Westeros in the mod AWOIAF. They are bordered by Dorne to the south, The Westerlands to the north, and The Stormlands to the east. The Reach is one of the oldest, and most powerful kingdoms. Producing almost as most food as The Riverlands they are able to sell to The Westerlands for a good price, making them extremely rich in the time of war. The only kingdom that is richer than The Reach is The Westerlands due to their vast gold mines and reserves. The Reach is a very flat and fertile plains for the most part, with lush green grass and fertile black soil coating the entire region. Because of their terrain The Reach is a perfect place to make large farms and cities, most of the cities overlapping large bodies of water or rivers.



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Troop Tree

The Reach specializes in heavy cavalry and medium infantry. The Reach does have the best cavalry forces in the game, as they are the best armored and most skilled, making them excellent for smashing through enemy lines. They Reach has practically no archers, as they only have one troop tree for them and they are not very good compared to the other kingdoms. This means that The Reach gets their strength in flat field battles rather than sieges, their cavalry working perfectly with the flat landscape surrounding their lands. It is advisable to mount a full cavalry charge against your enemy as quickly as possible, after you have smashed through their formations you will want to tell them to wait off to the side and then mount another charge. It is advisable to constantly do this.

Troop Tree Placeholder

Extra Information

The Reach is one of the best places to find plate armor in shops besides the vale.

The Reach has a citadel in Oldtown where you can learn to read.

The Reach has the best mounted cavalry in Westeros.

The Reach will not enter the war in Westeros until later in the game, they will then join sides the with The Westerlands.

Recruiting units from The Reach

In order to recruit Reach units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Reach race on character creation. Reach units can be recruited from villages regardless of player status unless they are hostile to The Reach. Additional ways to recruit Reach units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.