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Quests within AWoIaF Modification.

Main Questline

AWoIaF Mod contains a main Quest line which will be initialised on starting a new game. You can choose to follow this quest or not, though its advised to do so to gain some good experience and a few extra Stags.

The main questline currently consists of;

The Pointy End

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming - Part 2

This Quest line will be continuously updated between new versions of the mod.

Vary's questline

Vary's can be found in the Great keep at King Landing. Here you can initialise his questline which include;

The Messenger

The Spy Hunter


Bravos Seeker

The Message

Berics questline

To initialise Berics quest you will need to find him at Hollow Hill. His quests include;

A Lannister always pays his debts

Speak to Rory

We take what is ours

This quest needs to be found.

Quests through rumours

You Win or You Die

This quest needs to be found.

Join the King beyond the wall

You will need to complete this quest if you wish to join the Free Folk.