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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I am having issues with frequent crashes, glitches, and/or runtime errors. What can I do?

A1: Install Warband Scrip Enhancer (WSE2):

  • Why install WSE2:

WSE2 makes a massive difference and is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet for eliminating crashes, memory leak issues and runtime errors. Highly recommend installing WSE2.

Should allow for bigger battle size and using higher graphical settings while minimizing crashes. WSE2 is being actively supported and optimized for AWOIAF mod.

If you are having issues with crashes with AWOIAF mod or want to run AWOAIF mod at higher graphical settings with bigger battles, I strongly recommend WSE2.

  • What is WSE2:

A program that enhances the Warband engine by adding operations/scripts/triggers and changing hardcoded game mechanics. Also fixes some engine bugs. It has been updated to work with the latest version of Warband and open to support any modules. We have worked with and been in communication with the creator of WSE2 to bug squash and optimize specifically for AWOIAF mod. WSE2 allows for optimized and more efficient rendering along with maximizing graphics card advanced graphical settings and power with the outdated Warband engine.

  • Here is some info on WSE2:


  • How do I install WSE2:

Here is YouTube video on how to install WSE2 by Master Rawl (one of the admins for AWOIAF Discord):


A1: Additional solutions:

  • Ensure cheat mode is disabled. One of the most important ones.
  • Disable the scenic menu within camp options. One of the most important ones.
  • The option "Load textures on demand" is ticked in the launcher options; Configure → Video options → Load textures on demand: ticked. One of the most important ones.
  • Decrease battle size to 150-250 (300 max recommended). One of the most important ones. (Note: Native Warbands battle size is limited to 150)
  • Decrease the graphical options you are running the game at, especially decreasing texture details (such as to 80%), lowering the shadow quality shader, and turning down anti-aliasing can help. One of the most important ones.
  • Increase the render_buffering_size from 15 to a max of 1,000. Go to your Warband documents folder (C:\Users\User\Documents\Mount&Blade) and open the "rgl_config" file. There's a setting "render_buffering_size.” Change the value from 15 to either "500" or “1,000”. Do not exceed 1,000 as this is the MAX. Save the document. One of the most important ones, makes a big difference.
  • Set corpses to 20 and ragdolls to 5 or even try reducing them both to 0 for maximal effect.
  • Ensure Edit mode is disabled in the launcher options; Configure → Advanced → Enable Edit Mode: unticked.
  • Do not use any game editors such as Morgh's M&B Editor or the find items cheat menu.
  • Quit Warband and exit out to desktop. Reload Warband and your saved game. Optimally do this every 1-3 hours. This helps to reset memory leak issues by clearing your memory being used by the game.
  • Do not run any unnecessary background programs while playing the mod. You can go into your task manager and end any other programs that are running.
  • Upgrading your computer can help. Although even with a fully optimized computer there are inherent issues with bottle necking and limitations of the outdated, fickle Warband engine.
  • Make sure the graphics card driver is fully up to date with the latest version. A recent NVIDIA driver caused a lot of performance issues.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of MB:Warband.
  • Utilization of submods do have the potential to increase the frequency of crashes and runtime errors. I do however realize that some submods, in my humble opinion, can be pretty awesome for AWOIAF mod!
  • Make sure your copy of the game is legitimate and is bought through Steam, GoG, TaleWorlds etc.
  • Recommend saving your game in multiple save slots in case your game save file becomes corrupted.
  • In the launcher, try 'force single threading'. Alternatively try un-ticking sound variation and disabling music.
  • If you are getting a solid gray/green sky or faces/eyes on the sky trying turning off HDR.
  • If your cursor is stuttering a lot, try limiting your fps in the launcher (NOTE: that this can increase game startup time).
  • If you see weird white objects on the ground, this is due to the shaders being used. You need to turn plant shadows to full in the options menu.

Q2: The mod crashes on initial start or halfway through the loading screen. What do I do?

A2: Make sure that:

  • you are running the latest version of MB:Warband
  • your copy of the game is legitimate and is bought through Steam, GoG, TaleWorlds etc. (pirated version of the game WILL NOT WORK)
  • the options "Load textures on demand" is ticked in the launcher options; Configure → Video options → Load textures on demand: ticked
  • edit mode is disabled in the launcher options; Configure → Advanced → Enable Edit Mode: unticked
  • Ensure you have no corrupt files. You may see a red error message at the bottom of the screen, if it says something is missing, then you should re-download the mod.

If none of the above solves the problem, please report it with it's error message in the community forum bug page which can found at the following link: Bug Forum link.

Q3: Are the new Stark troops recruitable?

A3: Yes. Talk to the master-at-arms at the fief associated with specific units (Starks-Winterfell; Gold Cloaks-King's landing etc). Note: You must own the fief.

Q4: How do I get the Valyrian blade, it says I'm unacquainted?

A4: 600 renown is required.

Q5: How to join the Free Folk/Wildlings?

A5: Go beyond the wall and talk to Mance Rayder. He will have a task ready for you.

Q6: How can I get a child?

A6: When you obtain enough relation points with your wife, a new dialogue option will appear.

Q7: Why was the "Find Item" cheat option removed?

A7: Due to the amount of textures in the mod, using this would cause your game to be unstable and cause lots of false negative bug reports and irregularities.

Q8: Will the "Find Item" cheat option ever be added again?

A8: Only for the Developer builds due to the reason stated above.

Q9: Can I turn off the wound system?

A9: After much deliberation there is now an option to turn off the wound system. Produno is truly a man of the people.

However, we strongly recommend enabling the wound system as we feel it is an integral part of Game of Thrones. The world of a Game of Thrones is met to be harsh and unforgiving. The Game of Thrones is met to be played for keeps where death can happen to any character, both major and minor. Even the player is met to be mortal here.

Q10: Can I turn off weapon breaking?

A10: No. Various other features revolve around this, for instance Valyrian weapons will not break. You can decrease the likely hood of weapons taking damage by increasing your Weapon Mastery skill.

Q11: How many ships can the player have?

A11: Due to engine limitations this is limited to 7.

Q12: Dragons?

A12: Nope. Engine limitations do not enable us to add these in a believable manner.

Q13: Can you add such and such feature or armour?

A13: Sure, you can donate via the forums or patreon page to get your features, items or characters into the mod. Alternatively you can post your suggestions over at the forums.

Q14: Why can I not recruit from the faction specific blacksmith?

A14: You either need to be of that people (selected at game start) or have very high relations with them.

Q15: Why do I get weird white object on the ground?

A15: This is due to the shaders being used. You need to turn plant shadows to full in the options menu.

Q16: Why do I have no text on the main menu?

A16: Delete font.data in your Data folder within the A World of Ice and Fire modules folder.

Q17: I cannot continue my save after an update, what the frig happened?

A17: Updates mostly break save games (unless it's a minor one). This is a limitation of the module system and cannot be helped.

Q18: Why can't I start a new game?

A18: This is probably because you have used up all of your save slots. Try deleting one then try again.

Q19: Why does my character do an animation when I tell my troops to charge?

A19: You can turn this off in the mods options.

Q20: Can you support such and such language?

A20: Unfortunately I only speak English and Spanish. You can however offer to help by going to the Localization section on Discord.

Q21: Can I join the Night King or become a Whitewalker?

A21: Currently not, no.

Q22: Where can I see video previews of updates for the modification?

A22: Here.

Q23: What are perks of selecting different starting people/heritage in character creation?



  • Your starting people/heritage allows you to buy affiliated gear from the associated faction blacksmith.
  • Your selected people/heritage will be your associated initial culture for troop recruitment when you found a kingdom.


  • No morale decrease in sea travel.


  • Able to obtain Direwolf companion.

Free Folk:

  • Able to obtain two Giant companions named Dongo and Wun Wun.
  • Able to recruit giant troops from Frostfang camp if your renown is high enough.


  • Able to recruit Khal Bloodrider in Ashefa Athauzar if renown is at least 900.


  • Able to recruit Crownsland troops via Targaryen culture
  • Companions Reed Matter and Brog Matter gain a morale bonus.


  • Able to recruit Sand Snakes companions from the Water Gardens.

Q24: The game is too challenging. What should I do?

A24: The game is met to be challenging in line with the harshness and grimness depicted in Game of Thrones. However, there are many ways that you can tailor the experience to your playing preference. Ultimately, it is your adventure.

This mod defaults to hardcore mode, if you are finding it difficult then change your settings found within the camp menu and main options menu.

Specific ways to reduce difficulty include:

  • Reduce Damage to Player (1/2 or 1/4)
  • Reduce Damage to Friends (1/2 or 1/4)
  • Turn down Combat AI (found in main menu under options).
  • Turn down Tactical Speed (found in main menu under options).
  • Turn down Campaign AI (found in main menu under options).
  • Turn off Stamina (found in camp options menu).
  • Turn off Wounds (select at beginning of game).
  • Turn off Gear affects skills (found in camp options menu).
  • Turn off Blood loss (found in camp options menu).
  • Turn off Player stumbling (found in camp options menu).
  • Turn off Rest improves morale (found in camp options menu).

Make your own House Rules prior to initially starting the game and adhere to them strictly. That is what I, Fallen Lord, do to make the game more enjoyable for me.

As an example, the House Rules that I generally play with are the following:

-Absolutely no save scumming except under extraordinary circumstances.

  • You cannot go back in time except when a save becomes corrupted or if a major bug occurs. I feel this helps to keep the game pure.

-No changing House Rules during the game.

  • I like having strict house rules for the game otherwise the game loses a lot of its luster, challenge, and purity for me.

-I re-edit my character ONE TIME back down to experience level 0, ONCE I reach level 18.

  • Doing so allow you re-level your player up from 0 while maintaining your previous gained attribute points. This makes the beginning of the game less grindy and more fun for me. This also allows for more skills points to be accumulated during the course of the game and provides for a more diverse playing experience.

-I edit my character at the beginning of the game to give an extra 3 attribute point in one category and an extra 2 skill points in one skill set.

  • My ideal set-up is to boost my strength by +3 compared to the baseline starting attribute level and boost my character's path finding skill by +2 compared to its baseline skill set. Those robber knights can be savage early on...lol. I feel this makes the beginning of the game much more manageable and enjoyable, while still allowing for a less hardcore challenge :)

-Reduce Player damage to 1/4.

  • This allows me to last longer in battles, especially sieges, and really impact the course of the battle. I find it more enjoyable to be an absolute, badass killing machine.

-Keep Friend damage at normal.

  • I think reducing friend damage is too OP and cheapens the gaming experience.

-Reduce Hero damage to 1/4.

  • This allows the enemy lords and companions to stand-out more and I feel adds soul to the game.

-Keep Hero damage dealt to Normal.

-Combat AI: Good.

  • Makes combat come alive more and seem more fluid. I think it helps balance out a damage reduction to the player.

-Tactical speed: Normal.

-Campaign AI: Alternate between Normal and Good every 100 days.

  • I find this provides an excellent balance between not being too easy or too hard while still allowing the AI to impact course of the game.

-I keep on Stamina, Gear affects skills, Shield bash, Player Stumbling, and Rest improves morale.

-I turn off blood loss.

  • I find blood loss annoying especially in prolonged battles such as sieges. I want to be involved in the action and find it less enthralling to be viewing the combat via ghost cam early on. I do not like gradually and progressively seeing my life force drain away.

-I generally decline wound option at the beginning of the game.

  • Sometimes I also accept the wound option too. Just depends on how hardcore of a play through I am feeling. For the casual player who is trying the mod for the first time, I recommend to consider disabling wounds.

-Ensure the box is selected to allow for the White Walker invasion to occur.

  • I think the White Walker invasion is one of the most important and cool aspects of this mod. One of my biggest complaints about the Warband series is the lack of end game content, soul, story line, and final objective besides just conquering everyone. I think the White Walker invasion provides the player with a greater propose, essential end game content, and helps to capture the essence of a Game of Thrones.


  • These House Rules are NOT endorsed by Produno and is just what I often do to augment my own playing experience. The mod is met to be intrinsically challenging. It is a fine balance between not losing out on the essence of the mod and cheapening the playing experience, while tailoring the gaming experience to optimize your enjoyment and reduce aspects of the mod that you may find potentially frustrating.

Q25: How do I edit my character back to 0 experience after I reach a certain level?

A25: To edit your character select “export” on the stats menu screen besides your character. Then, go to your documents folder and then go into your Mound and Blade Warband folder and click into the document with your character's name on it. From there change the experience (xp) back to 0 in the document. Then save the document and import the character. You can find the import button in the stats menu screen besides your character near the export option.

Here is a link that helps explain the process of editing your character: https://steamcommunity.com/app/48700/discussions/0/1318835718951677634/

Q26: The Robber Knights are too challenging. What are your thoughts on this topic, Fallen Lord?

A26: One of the biggest “complaints” I hear is that the Robber Knights and other bandit factions such as Mountain Clans and Hill Tribesman are too challenging, especially in the early game. I personally like the challenge the Robber Knights bring. I also like the atmosphere of desperation and death being around every corner that the Robber Knights help foster I think the Robber Knights can also be a boon later in the game as you can rescue prisoners by defeating them.

I believe one of the reasons the Robber Knights are as challenging as they are is to prevent over exploitation of trade routes too easily. I think Robbers Knight also help to capture the brutality of the world of a Game of Thrones. It is a harsh realm.

Q27: Do you have advice on mitigating the challenge of the Robber Knights?

A27: If the Robber Knights are too challenging you have various options, including but not limited to the following:

-You could start in Essos.

  • This would allow the player to avoid the Robber Knights entirely in the beginning of the game. However, I get that doing so would not allow you to participate in the main quest line and that Westeros is currently more complete in terms of content compared to Essos.

-You could make up and adhere to your own House Rules.

  • I do find that using my House Rules does make the game much more enjoyable for me, especially the beginning of the game. This includes helping deal with the scourge that the Robber Knights can be early in the game :)
  • You could boost your path finding skill through editing at the beginning of the game while keeping all the rest of your attributes and skills the same.

-If you are feeling really ambitious you could decrease the Robber Knights' path finding skills.

  • You could do this through editing files manually or use Morph's Editor.

Q28: I am having problems with textures. What should I do?

A28: If you have issues with textures then please make sure shadows on plants are turned up full and shader settings are on highest.