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Companions in AWOIAF

  • This table is not complete. An empty cell may mean none or not yet known.
Name Likes Dislikes Location Cost/Requirement Upset by Companion type Level Renown Personality Noble
Anguy Gendry, Thoros of Myr Dick Crabb, Xhondo Tavern 16,000 Attacking the defenseless Archer 29 Yes
Brienne of Tarth Gendry Bronn, Ser Illifer the Penniless Tavern 80,000 Failing quests, fleeing from battles Infantry, Leader 40 405 Upstanding Yes
Bronn Anguy Ser Illfer the Penniless Tavern 180,000 Not paying wages Infantry, Flexible 40
Bronson Snow Gendry Princess Khiarai, Shagga son of Dolf Tavern 3,500 Infantry 10 Upstanding
Crastos Brienne of Tarth Syrio Forel Tavern 1,000 Attacking the defenseless Infantry, Tracker, Flexible 3 210 Debauched
Dacey Mormont Thoros of Myr Crastos Tavern 3,500 Infantry 27 435 Upstanding Yes
Dick Crabb Hibald Anguy, Ser Illfer the Penniless Tavern 1,500 Infantry, Engineer 7
Dirk Dacey Mormont Princess Khiarai Tavern 6,000 Not paying wages, fleeing from battle Infantry, Flexible 1
Gendry Anguy, Brienne of Tarth Hibald, Xhondo Tavern 550 Engineer, Flexible 1 Upstanding
Hagen the Beautiful Val Dick Crabb, Xhondo Tavern 20,000 Fleeing from battle Infantry (throwing) 13 270 Good-natured
Hibald Dick Crabb Gendry Tavern 1,670 Merchant 8
Kurleket ³ Event (see below) At least 400 renown Heavy losses, running out of food Infantry, Flexible 5 200
Mya Stone Gendry Crastos, Shagga Son of Dolf Tavern 15,000 Cavalry, Looting 13 255 Upstanding
Podrick Payne Brienne of Tarth None Tavern 550 Attacking the defenseless Infantry, Flexible 2 Good-natured Yes
Qyburn ² Xhondo Shagga son of Dolf, Sylva Tavern 10,000 Not paying wages, heavy casualties Surgeon, Flexible 4
Sam ³ Event (see below) (King of King's Landing) Running out of food Flexible
Ser Barristan Selmy Syrio Forel Bronn Tavern 100,000 Failing quests, attacking the defenseless, heavy losses Infantry or Cavalry 42 570 Upstanding Yes
Ser Beron Grey Mya Stone Qyburn, Ser Creighton Longbough Tavern 9,000 Archer 7 Upstanding Yes
Ser Creighton Longbough Ser Illfer the Penniless Bronn, Shagga son of Dolf Tavern 2,100 Cavalry, Flexible 4
Ser Illfer the Penniless Ser Creighton Longbough Bronn, Dick Crabb Tavern 1,900 Fleeing from battles Cavalry 9 Martial Yes
Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse Dacey Mormont Brienne, Hibald Tavern 32,000 Infantry or Cavalry 33 495 Martial Yes
Shagga son of Dolf Bronn Ser Creighton Longbough, Qyburn Tavern 7,250 Not paying wages Infantry 23
Sylva ² Ser Beron Grey Qyburn, Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse Tavern 9,000 Heavy losses, running out of food Surgeon, Flexible 5 210
Syrio Forel Ser Barristan Selmy, Thoros of Myr Anguy Tavern 16,000 Running out of food, fleeing from battles, attacking the defenseless Infantry, Trainer 35 540 Upstanding Yes
Thoros of Myr Anguy Brienne of Tarth, Qyburn Tavern 18,000 Infantry, Surgeon 32 480 Martial
Val Brienne of Tarth Ser Illfer the Penniless, Hibald Tavern 3,800 Running out of food Infantry (throwing), Explorer, Emissary 11 210 Good-natured
Xhondo Qyburn Anguy, Gendry Tavern 600 Running out of food, not paying wages Infantry 10
Princess Khiarai Nymeria Sand Dick Crabb, Hagen the Beautiful Tavern 150,000 Archer Yes
Direwolf ¹ ³ (Wolf Den) The North as heritage Infantry
Dongo ¹ ³ Wun-Wun (Giant Lair) The Free Folk as heritage Archer 42 630
Wun-Wun ¹ ³ Dongo (Giant Lair) The Free Folk as heritage Infantry 42 630
Brog Matter ¹ ³ Reed Matter (Warlord's Camp) (Quest) 1,000 renown Cavalry, Leader 49 Upstanding Yes
Reed Matter ¹ ³ Brog Matter (Slaver's Camp) (Quest) Brog Matter in party Infantry, Leader 42 Upstanding Yes
Obara Sand ³ Ser Creighton Longbough, Dick Crabb (Water Gardens) Dorne as heritage
Tyrene Sand ³ Bronn Ser Beron Grey, Mya Stone (Water Gardens) Dorne as heritage
Nymeria Sand ³ Dacey Mormont Brienne of Tarth, Sylva (Water Gardens) Dorne as heritage
Connacht Vynaris ³ Thoros of Myr (Temple of R'hllor) 140,000 also 60+ relation with R'hollor and as your current religion Archer 43

¹ These companions equipments cannot be changed.
² These companions are like maesters and can heal your injuries.
³ These companions have special requirements in order to be recruited.

Units with special recruiting methods

  • Kurleket is recruited through a random map event. If you want to see what the event looks like you can click here
  • Sam is recruited through a random map event, you also have to own King's Landing in order to get this map event. If you want to see what the event looks like you can click here
  • Dongo and Wun-wun are recruited via quest in the north. West of Thenn between a group of trees at Giants Lair (Location). Your heritage/starting people must be Free Folk to recruit them.
  • Direwolf can be recruited at the wolf's den. You must be a northman to recruit it.
  • Brog Matter can be recruited if you chose to spare him after completing the Bringing a Warlord to Justice quest. You gain access to Bringing a Warlord of Justice quest sometime after reaching over 1,000 renown through a random map event.
  • Reed Matter can be recruited after completing the quest Freeing a Brother. You gain access to Freeing a Brother quest after a set amount of time if you completed Bringing a Warlord to Justice quest and chose to spare Brog.
  • The Sand Snakes (Obara Sand, Nymeria Sand and Tyrene Sand) can only be recruited if your heritage is Dornish, they can be found and recruited in the Water Gardens (Location).
  • Connacht Vynaris can be recruited from (Temple of R'hllor). Your religion needs to be R'hllor, additionally you need to have at least 70 relation with R'hollor.


There are a lot of companions in this mod, making it impossible to have all at once by normal means. There is a starting perk in the game called "Natural Leader" which heals your wounded troops by a percentage based on your Charisma and Leadership skill. This fits very well with having high persuasion and in having this you can persuade your companions to stay in your party depending on how high your persuasion is at. Having 8 or more makes it easy to persuade companions to stay in your party. However, you get companion complaints around every 1 in game day, this can make it frustrating to play in the long run.

The Kingsguard

Ser Arys Oakheart of the Kingsguard

The Kingsguard are a special set of seven potentially recruitable companions. The Kingsguard can be possibly recruited upon freeing them from captivity.

The dialogue for recruiting the Kingsguard only spawns, when they are imprisoned. To potentially recruit them, you need to attack the party or besiege the settlement where they are imprisoned. After winning the battle/siege, you can ask them what they are doing now and if they want to join you. Then they have a 50/50 chance of joining you. that they join you.

See The Kingsguard article for more info.

Companions no longer in AWOIAF

  • Ulf (Level 46) - This outlaw companion can be hired along with his mercenary company you can find discovering AWOIAF. (No longer a hero character as of 2.0)
  • The Tattered Prince (Level 46) - This Noble companion can be hired along with his mercenary company his 2 companions (Caggo, lvl 46 and Denzo D'han, lvl 43) you can find discovering AWOIAF. (No longer a hero character as of 2.0)

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