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You need to go to the Citadel located in Oldtown, a city on the southern coast in the Reach, and speak with the scholars there to learn how to read before you can actually read any of these books.

Books within AWOIAF

Title of the Book Bonus stats INT requirement Cost Bonus Type
History of the Rhoynish Wars +1 Tactics 9 4000 Permanent
The Book of Lost Books +1 Persuasion 10 5000 Permanent
The Lineages and Histories of The Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms +1 Leadership 7 4200 Permanent
Annals of the Black Centaur +1 INT 11 2900 Permanent
The Trade Compendium of Westeros and Essos +1 Trade 8 3100 Permanent
Conquest of Dorne +1 Weapon Master 9 4200 Permanent
A History of the Great Sieges of Westeros +1 Engineer 12 4000 Permanent
Jade Compendium +2 Trainer 0 3500 While in Inventory
A Maester's Book of Potions +1 Wound Treatment 0 3500 While in Inventory
A Maester's Synopses +1 Surgery 0 3500 While in Inventory