AWoIaF v6.0 changelog

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  • Golden Company Pikemen renamed to Golden Company Spearmen
  • Adjusted all sound volumes
  • Optimised some sound files
  • Added a new companion Dirk. Patreon pledge
  • Giants can now kill wights if they are using a large melee weapon.
  • Optimised plundering to try and fix crashes here.
  • Added new Targaryen troops.
  • Added new Targaryen armours created by Firestorm.
  • Optimised some more map textures.
  • Aegon now has Targaryen troops.
  • Farmer now upgrades to Townsman.
  • Removed upgrade of Ironborn Captain to Merc Captain.
  • Removed some redundant scripts.
  • Removed some redundant triggers.
  • Removed some redundant animations.
  • Added all troop tree upgrades to the troop tree presentation (From your camp menu). - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Removed some redundant meshes.
  • Optimised map mesh.
  • Added extra lods to some flora that did not have them.
  • Added The House of Black and White scene to Braavos created by Tedeum.
  • Added The Iron Bank scene to Braavos created by Tedeum.
  • Updated Braavos and Dragonstone town and coastal assault scenes adjusted by Tedeum.
  • Adjustments/changes to Maidenpool by Tedeum.
  • Added some new Wildling weapons.
  • You can now marry female lords and queens.
  • Added new scenes for Dragonstone Taverns and Throne Room by Tedeum
  • Changed the Whitewalker invasion date to 750 days as decided from the result of the patrons poll.
  • Updated some music tracks from BJM
  • Added a new quest Freeing a Brother - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Giants are now recruitable from a special location - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added a new upgrade for giants - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added New R’hllor location and scene - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Adjusted Bringing a Warlord to justice quest. - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Updated many lords and companions stats. - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Updating equipment of various troops - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added new Thenn troops - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added new Braavosi troops - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Adjusted troop composition of various lords - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added back the ability to purchase land at various towns - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Expanded wildling troop tree - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Added special dothraki troops you can recruit - patreon pledge fallen lord.
  • Lots of other changes and fixes.

  • Some fixes to Celraenos scene
  • Fixed some missing sounds.
  • Fixed a missing script.
  • Fixed some missing meshes.
  • Fixed seducing companions.
  • Fixed issue with player castle guards.