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  • Changed all skyboxes and code.
  • Changed some terrain border textures.
  • Updated some other terrain textures.
  • Removed some of the ugly trees from some terrain borders.
  • Prohibit player indictment by pretender
  • Robb is now very slightly easier to defend at the red wedding.
  • Increased the price of cows when purchasing from villages. This is to alleviate the buying and slaughtering exlpoit.
  • Dornish Sand cavalry are now guaranteed a shield.
  • Wight troops are now much faster.
  • Wights are have higher HP but don't cause as much damage.
  • Increased the number of wights and whitewalkers.
  • Giant's clubs now have crush through damage.
  • Wildfire is now only one use.


  • Npc's sat on the floor at the Crossroads Inn.
  • Various other slight changes to many scenes.
  • Changed some scenes terrain borders.
  • Fixed some issues with scene props in Mistwood.
  • Fixed some issues at Castle Wrath.
  • Fixed banners at Felwood.
  • Fixed issues at Stoney Sept siege scene.
  • Fixed spawning issues at Kings Landing siege scene.
  • Fixed issues at Hornvale scene.
  • Fixed/adjusted bandit camp scenes.


  • Fixed Issues with Dawn
  • Fix slot_party_home_center failures
  • Fix AI by initializing $teams_last_fighting properly
  • Fix Wandering Crows still present if the Nights Watch does not exist.
  • Fix some towns Wandering Crows were not visiting when they should be.
  • Towns owned by the Night's Watch should correctly no longer hold Tournaments.
  • Fixes made to Targaryen faction leader.
  • Fixed issues with Dothraki Khal mesh.
  • Fixed many issues with various textures and meshes.
  • Various issues fixed with the weather triggers.
  • A few typo's.
  • Fixed a few issues with the main quest line.
  • Fixed various issues with the red wedding event.
  • Fixed green terrain hue.
  • Extra damage options now correctly apply to player companions too.
  • Fixed remaining issues with HDR so this can now be turned on for better graphics quality.
  • Fixed sometimes giving an incorrect ambush scene.