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  • Removed dog dialogue from village elders.
  • Correctly added Dawn to it's chest.
  • Natural Harbours no longer have lots of peasants roaming around.
  • Adjusted Merc Cav stats.
  • As long as you have completed the 'Winter is Coming' quests before the Red Wedding event, you can carry on with the main questline.
  • Condensed some ship and land bandit parties.
  • Changed the way killing lords and kings work. You get less of a hit if the lord is at war with a faction, slightly more if they are at peace with a faction and a larger impact for the lords of that faction (The faction of the lord killed).
  • Adjusted wage costs.
  • Prevent banished lord from returning to player.
  • Reverse strength test for besieged, add consideration for player allies.
  • Add consideration of player party strength to surrender decision.
  • Initialize s49 in script_update_troop_political_notes.
  • Added any fixes from VC2044.
  • Removed redundant scripts.
  • More improvements to Oldtown port. (to prevent ships getting stuck)
  • Adjusted Northern Clansmen aggressiveness.
  • Added missing armours/helmets/boots
  • Lots of adjustments/fixes/polish to every troops equipment.
  • Many fixes to various items.
  • Adjusted stats, prices, weight and weight category of all armours, helmet, greaves and gloves.
  • Reduced the amount of throwing axes carried by Ironborn troops.
  • Adjusted renown values when winning a duel of honour.
  • Added Dragonstone as a starting 'people' choice.
  • You can now access Dragonstone blacksmiths when choosing Dragonstone at game start.


  • Fixes to Pyke siege scene.
  • Fixed Pyke lords hall banners.
  • Fixed Lordsport siege scene.
  • Fixed Lordsport Lords hall.
  • Moved Sisterton siege spawn point and made some small changes.
  • Adjusted ambush spawn points in Saltpans and some other small fixes.
  • Fixed incorrect banners sometimes being shown at Greywater Watch.
  • Some small fixes and changes to Storms End siege.
  • Fixed issues with Stonedance.
  • Fixed 6x Essos castle prisons.
  • Moved prison break exit to the correct position for Moat Cailin.
  • Fixed various issues with Lys siege.
  • Created desert duel scene.
  • Adjusted/tweaked various scenes, added extra scene props.
  • Fixed issues with fortified camp scenes.
  • Added new player siege camp scene.


  • Fixed commander miss-match error (may require a new game)
  • Some fixes to lords getting stuck near Oldtown.
  • Some fixes to recruting from villages.
  • Fixed various typo's.
  • Fixed Lady Elise Locke age.
  • Fixed Valyrian Longsword stats.
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue with some ship and land bandits.
  • Fixed your child's name resetting upon making them a Lord/Lady.
  • Fix released prisoners returning to defeated factions.
  • Fix leave/surrender bug.
  • Prevent banished lord from returning to player.
  • Fix reset feast bug.
  • Add checks for no lord of town.
  • Make target bandits never friendly.
  • Exempt ports from releasing prisoners when inactive.
  • Lords give locations of NPCs in their faction when at another faction center.
  • Fix successful rebellion notifications.
  • Fix $players_kingdom that is somehow 0.
  • Restore encounter recount after party joins.
  • Report battle sizes with joined parties correctly.
  • Add missing try_end to restore faction trigger.
  • Fixed painting models.
  • Duelling with your troops or companions now works correctly.
  • Fixed red error messages in some sieges.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some banners to show in some locations or sometimes showing the incorrect banners.
  • Fixed a crash if you are freelancing in a particular faction when the Red Wedding event happens.
  • Fixed various issues with White Walker skins.