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Note: 3.5 is not yet released. This change log is subject to further updates. See also:


  • Standardised text colours when recruiting npc's.
  • Adjusted pack camels and mules to give +1 inventory skill if it being used as a mount and +2 if its in your inventory. You would assume it can carry less if its also carrying a human. I have also increased the prices to reflect this. - Turns out this is hardcoded and does not work. Looking at a workaround.
  • Updated Spanish localisation for 3.0 translated by Boalmo & Kokemen.
  • Base attribute needed for inventory management has been changed to strength instead of intelligence.
  • Adjusted map icon textures. They now look a little more vibrant.
  • Adjusted many map icon positions and centralised the flags.
  • Adjusted parts of the campaign map.
  • re-enabled find item cheat for testing purposes. (test build).
  • Added wavey banners.
  • Added More cheat options:
    • Right to Rule
    • Lower Reputation
    • Reset Messenger System
    • Switch to land consequence
    • Plus some others
  • Added healer to Ashefa Athaozar.
  • Weeping Town is now correctly accessible from the sea.
  • Adjusted map sea ai. This fixes issues where ships would get stuck around Sunspear when the player owned Ashefa Athaozar or other places lords would get stuck going back and forth between the same port. - Still needs considerable testing.
  • Adjusted Westeros bandit parties.
  • Adjusted Westerosi bandit party spawn points.
  • Added several of the northern mountain clans.
  • Added more wildling raiding parties north of the wall.
  • Buffed giants, they should be able to take quite a few more arrows to the head.
  • Storms End is now a Town.
  • Added the town of Lordsport
  • Pyke is now a castle.
  • Added new troop tree for Qohor.
  • Slightly modified various other troops trees in Essos.
  • Added 6 new castles to Essos.
  • Added 6 new villages to Essos.
  • Removed being able to exit the citadel via the door which removes the re-spawn bug.
  • Maesters now send ravens instead of tavern keepers.
  • Consolidated Nights Watch and Free Folk patrol parties. This should make the quests related to these a bit more transparent.
  • Joining the Nights Watch will join you as a soldier now instead of a vassal.
  • Stream lined the mine menus and fixed being able to put lords here - this could end up causing clones.
  • Added more text to show info about the religions in all locations.
  • Changed gear for Tyrion.
  • Varys should keep his attire when meeting behind the Great Sept.


  • Moved archers in Riverrun siege scene that could not be reached. Plus fixed mesh issues.
  • Adjusted/Added ai mesh and terrain at The Twins.
  • Gave Chroyane the correct terrain code.
  • Updated Taelon village and fixed spawn point issues when attacking or defending the village.
  • Fixed some AI mesh issues in Oldtown.
  • Created 1x Essosi castle.
  • Created 1x Essosi village.
  • Fixed some issues with Kings Landing great hall scene. Ty ahseph.
  • Fixed archer entry points at Cerwyn castle.


  • Adjusted weight of the Lannister Heater Shield.
  • Fixed incorrect resistance on kite shield.
  • Fixed double messages showing when either your son or daughter join your party.
  • Fixed issues with Sylva's dialogue when recruiting her.
  • Fixed incorrect prices sometimes being shown when hiring companions.
  • Fixed some broken animations and red text errors when entering inns or the arena.
  • Fixed instruments not increasing stats.
  • Fixed standards and crowns not increasing tactics skill.
  • Fixed incorrect text error when upgrading your settlement for a second time. You now correctly need 11 pallets of timber.
  • Fixed issues with rain sounds.
  • Plundered castles or towns should now have the fire extinguished correctly after a few days.
  • Fixed some issues related to player culture. ie, player lords not recruiting.
  • Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg no longer shows up in tournaments.
  • Mya Stone now likes the correct companion.
  • Fixed border incidents sometimes showing 'no faction' if Taelon was the target village.
  • Mercs you have assigned to lead parties should correctly use ships when on sea.
  • Fixed banner_a15 mesh error.
  • Fixed some string errors.
  • Fixed some factions showing Neutral in the troop tree presentation.
  • Fixed an issue with rebellions.
  • Fixed various issues with diplomacy.
  • Fixed incorrect religion statements in towns/castles/village menus.
  • Adjusted religion code to fix some issues relating to this.