Unique Armors

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Individual Armor Pieces


Body Armor

Brienne's Plate Armor - Chest 60 - Legs 32 - Acquired from Brienne of Tarth. When Brienne is recruited as a companion it can be taken off of her. The armor is a heavy plate armor that has a golden chestplate and pauldrons, steel arm guards, golden elbow plates, and a blue bottom kilt-esque feature that compliments the top. This armor is one of the best plate armors in the game stat wise.

Targaryen Plate Armor - Chest 52 - Legs 24 - Acquired by killing the Hedge Knights in Varys's questline, he will give it to you as a reward. The armor is a heavy plate chestplate that is dark grey in color. Upon the chest is the sigil of House Targaryen, the 3 headed dragon. The armor looks very simplistic but effective overall, with only the body area and shoulders having any real protection, the arms covered by leather.