The Stormlands

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The Stormlands

The Stormlands is a superstitious land, many of the people there thinking that their kings of old fought against the gods themselves and won. The legend within their kingdom is that the old storm kings defied the very gods themselves, and that no matter how hard the gods tried they could not bring down the fortress of Storms End, the fortress named for the fact that no storm could ever bring it down. When the Targaryens invaded however, The Stormlands could not hold up to their power and were eventually defeated in a prolonged siege. House Baratheon was given the seat at Storms End for their loyalty to the Targaryens and were name the new lords of The Stormlands. Ironically, it was House Baratheon themselves that led the rebellion against the Targaryens and eventually succeeded, Robert Baratheon becoming the new king because of the rebellion. For awhile The Stormlands were the dominant kingdom in the realm as they had control over the crownlands, but now that Robert Baratheon is dead and the Lannisters are in control of Kings landing, The Stormlands lead a rebellion once more, looking to control the realm.


The Stormlands is a major faction in Westeros in the mod AWOIAF. The Stormlands are bordered by Dorne to the south, Dragonstone and The Westerlands to the north, and The Reach to the west. The Stormlands is located beside an ocean that protects most of their territory to the east. The Stormlands has alot of natural defenses around their lands, their castles and lands having plenty of moats, tall walls, and dependable towers. Most of the land in The Stormlands is not really suitable for growing crops, and instead they focus most of their economy on both their military and fishing. Because of the large ocean that surrounds their land, fishing is a very valuable source of income for them. Mining is also very common within The Stormlands because of all the cliffs and crags that surround their lands. It is not uncommon to see a large number of men working in a stone quarry to provide heavy rocks for castle or city walls, or even to use in sieges against enemy strongholds.



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Troop Tree

The Stormlands specializes in heavy infantry as and medium to heavy cavalry. Their infantry is some of the best in westeros, being comparable to troops from The Iron Islands. Because of The Stormlands heavy infantry they are excellent in defense on both field battles and in sieges. They are also useful for scaling walls and taking out defenders. When fielding a unit of Stormland troops it is advisable to have your cavalry go off to the side while your infantry slowly advance to the enemy. Whenever your enemy charges into you with their cavalry you should send your own horsemen into their infantry while your infantry surround their cavalry and kill them. Afterwards charge your infantry into the enemy footmen.

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Extra Information

The Stormlands is the only kingdom to start off without any cities.

The Stormlands starts off at war with Dragonstone and The Westerlands

The Stormlands has an odd mixture of territory with Dragonstone, with their lands having a few random Dragonstone castles dotted inbetween.

Because the Stormlands has no cities to start with it is difficult to be a Stormland vassal.

Even though they do not own any cities, there is a maester in Storms End.

Recruiting units from The Stormlands

In order to recruit Stormland units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Stormland race on character creation. Stormland units can be recruited from villages regardless of player status unless they are hostile to the Stormlands. Additional ways to recruit Stormland units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.