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The North

The North is the oldest of all of the kingdoms, descending from the First Men after they fled from beyond the wall. The Northern kingdoms fought a long and bloody war against The children of the forest. Eventually the children created the white walkers as a means of defense against the humans that fought against them, but the walkers proved a greater threat than the men themselves. The children and the men eventually formed an alliance with each other in order to fight against the white walkers that they had created, and in doing so successfully vanquished the white walkers, for a time. After the fighting was over The children of the forest vanished from society, never to be seen again. After the fighting was over a man by the name of Bran the Builder constructed a massive wall of ice to prevent any further invasions from the north, the wall eventually led to the formation of the Nights Watch. When the Andals invaded centuries later the northern lords were the only ones able to successfully hold them off, which explains why the northern gene-pool is still predominately blood from the first men. Today they still stand united under their new king, waiting for a chance to avenge their old lord and kill the people who executed him.


The North is one of the major factions in Westeros in the mod AWOIAF. The North is located at the topmost part of the map, bordered by the Riverlands to the south and separated from being higher north by a high ice wall. The North is ill suited for growing most kinds of crops, and instead rely on importing their goods from The Riverlands and hunting woodland creatures for meat. Because of how remote and vast the northern kingdom is they produce very hardy and self productive men to fight for them. They also believe in the old gods rather than the faith of the seven that the rest of Westeros follows.



King Robb Stark


Lord Jon Umber

Lord Galbart Glover

Lord Roose Bolton

Lord Rickard Karstark

Lord Helman Tallhart

Lady Maege Mormont

Lord Wyman Manderly

Lord Medger Cerwyn

Lord Robin Flint

Lady Lyessa Flint

Lord Halys Hornwood

Lady Barbrey Dustin

Lord Howland Reed

Lord Ondrew Locke

Ser Marlon Manderly


Work in Progress





White Harbor


The Dreadfort

Widows Watch


Old Castle

Greywater Watch

Last Hearth

Deepwood Motte

Torrhens Square

Flint's Finger

Moat Cailin

Bear Island





Bear Village

Crofter's Village


Stony Shore

Sea Dragon Neck

Sheep's Head



Grey Cliffs

Weeping Water


White Knife


Broken Branch

Long Lake


Last River

Fishing Village

Troop Tree

The North has a fairly balanced troop tree, with their cavalry and infantry being decent and their archers being slightly weak. The northern infantry and cavalry is good in both field battles and sieges. Northern units tend to be medium units, with not too heavy or too light of armor. This means that they have decent armor and a good speed to keep up as well. A good tactic with Northern units is to send your cavalry off to the side and send your infantry immediately charging in. Once the enemy charges their units you can tell your cavalry to charge to mow them down. Have your archers behind your infantry on some type of hill if there is one.

Troop Tree Placeholder

Extra Information

The North will aid The Riverlands in their war with The Westerlands.

Eventually The Iron Islands and The Reach will declare war against The North and The Riverlands

If you select a Northern Race in character creation then it is possible to gain a Direwolf as a companion.

The main questline of the mod is tied to The North.

The North has the largest amount of land in comparison to the other kingdoms.

The Northern men descend from and follow the culture of the first men rather than Andals due to them holding off the Andal invasion.

Recruiting units from The North

In order to recruit Northern units from villages you own as an independent kingdom you will need to select a Northern race on character creation. Northern units can be recruited from villages regardless of player status unless they are hostile to The North. Additional ways to recruit Northern units is to rescue them from enemy lords parties, find them in taverns, or rescue them from enemy garrisons.