The Nights Watch

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The Nights Watch

The Nights Watch is an age old order of men that has been around since the Age of Heroes. The Nights Watch serves one purpose and one purpose only, to protect the realm from the horrors that lie beyond the wall. The Nights Watch is mainly made up of prisoners that chose to be sent to the wall rather than have limbs amputated, be castrated, or be executed. The Nights Watch is filled with rapists, thieves, murderers, and every other manner of criminals that one could imagine. But even if they are all criminals, the men of the watch consider each-other brothers in arms. They are all bound by honor not to kill another brother of the watch, and they give up all rights to claim a wife, have a title, or hold land. The men of the watch are only relieved from their service once their watch has ended, which also means their life has ended. To desert from the Nights Watch is to commit suicide, as they do not tolerate cowards. Most of those in the south view the Nights Watch as overly superstitious and unimportant, saying that they only serve to protect the realm from imaginary creatures. However, the Nights Watch has served to protect those in the south for longer than any of them have been alive, and now the cold winds rise again, and with them come the dead. For, the south may enjoy fighting their wars with each-other, but there lies a far greater threat beyond the wall.


The Nights Watch is one of the major factions in Westeros in the mod AWOIAF. It is located in the northern part of westeros in-between wildling territory and The North. The land surrounding the Nights Watch is harsh and snowy, with barely anything being able to be grown there due to freezing temperatures. There is several towers spanning a tall and wide wall of ice that separates wildling territory from the rest of the northern lands. The wildlings often lead several assaults against Nights Watch territory, but due to their natural defenses with the massive wall of ice and plenty of snow, the wildlings are never able to succeed in a major battle.



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Troop Tree

The Nights Watch has some of the only archers able to kill white walkers, and as such are centered around ranged combat. The Nights Watch rangers are best kept at the back of the fighting with your archers or telling them to follow you and evading around the corners of the map. It is recommended to keep them out of big fights in case they die, as you will need them to fight wights.

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Extra Information

All of the initial lords of Nights Watch faction are able to purchase your prisoners.

Female players cannot join the Nights Watch.

Nights watch faction units are an important part of the game as they're one of the few units able to fight against the wights.

Recruiting Units From the Nights Watch

The lords of nights watch faction are the only ones able to recruit the nights watch faction units from villages near Castle Black. To recruit from those villages, you must join the Nights Watch yourself. Another way to recruit them is to free them from captivity. A good way to do so is to look for wildling lords or patrols with Nights Watch units as prisoners. It is recommended to use heavy Cavalry against wildlings as they have a predominantly ranged army. The Cavalry can get up close fast and mow them down because the wildlings have minimal armor.

Additional Methods

  • There are few nights watch units captured in a wildling cave just West of Thenn. If you free them, they will join you.