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Beta 9.5.7 to Beta 9.6

  • Fixed menu issue for the Bridge of Skulls quest.
  • Fixed issues with Bastards and Broken Things quest.
  • Fixed issues with Nights Watch troops.
  • Fixed issues with some Northern troops.
  • Fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed issues with Guild Masters not showing in the menu once you have met them.
  • Removed a menu item from Kings Landing for now to stop the 'not being able to leave' bug under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issues at Honeyholt scene.
  • Fixed issues at Oldtown scene.
  • Fixed Three Towers scene.
  • Fixed Karhold scene.
  • Added an extra siege point to Bitterbridge.
  • Adjusted Ai mesh for Ashford Scene.
  • Adjustments made to Lannisport scene by Gokiller.
  • Added a new scene for Antlers Castle.
  • Fixed Lannisport arena.
  • Added a new scene for the Dreadfort.
  • Fixed Grassy Vale scene.
  • Fixed Tumbleton scene.
  • You can now take some of your men with you in the starting quests.
  • Added Highgarden scene created by Gokiller.
  • Fixed scene for Spicetown.
  • Adjusted Winterfell scene and made the ai mesh much better.
  • Added more banners for player selection.
  • Adjusted/added some music.
  • Some other tweaks/fixes/spelling fixes etc.