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Notable Game Elements as of Beta 8.5

Banks lend 500 stags only.
Maximum bodyguard count for centers is 7.
Giants can be found North of the Wall.
Press backspace while in battle for more options and a mini map.
You can become a brother of the Nights Watch and everything that comes with it by speaking to the current commander.
Seek Varys to enable you to either destroy or aid the Targaryens.
Certain parties on the map can be recruited, given troops and given orders.
Sell your prisoners to Wandering Crows in Westeros or Slave traders in Essos.
You can get your wounds healed by the many Maesters around the world.
There are several unique parties that roam the map you can fight or hire.
Many Lords have unique known companions.
Special locations have been added to the map for you to find.
Being a Lord of certain castles or towns will give you access to special troops when speaking to the Master at Arms.
Sailing the ocean will cause a moral loss on your men, unless of course you are of Ironborn descent, or travelling by yourself.
Luxury items take effect on moral.
The Unsullied do not cost wages.
Special locations have been added to various towns for you to visit. Some have special functions.
Re-inforcement waves have been tweaked to allow smoother battles.
Trees and hair will blow in the wind.
Wildfire is now available.
Some towns will have special troops defending them.
You can recruit nobles and their men at castles and towns.


Giants are much larger and stronger, though slower than the average man. You probably shouldn't try and single hand one of these!

Recruitable roaming parties

There are several roaming parties on the map that you can either fight or recruit. They will cost an initial price plus a weekly wage.

Wandering Crows

You can only sell prisoners in Westeros to Wandering Crows. Slavers can only be found in Essos.


If you get wounded in battle you can pay a maester to heal your wounds and your health.. for a price. If you have high renown then the price will be less.

Special troop recruitment

If you are a Lord of certain Towns or Castles, speaking to the Master at Arms will allow him to train special troops of that location for you. Other special troops can be recruited from various villages.

Certain Castles and Towns will also allow you to attempt to hire Local Nobles and their accompanying men, plus others.


You can visit the Archmeasters guild in Kings Landing to commission Wildfire.