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|Brienne of Tarth
|Brienne of Tarth
|Bronn, Ser Illifer the Penniless
|Failing quests, fleeing from battles
|Failing quests, fleeing from battles
|Fighter, leader
|Fighter, leader

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Companions in AWOIAF

  • This table is not complete. An empty cell may mean none or not yet known.
Name Likes Dislikes Upset by Companion type Level Cost Social class Personality
Anguy Gendry, Thoros of Myr Dick Crabb, Xhondo Attacking the defenseless Fighter (archer) 29 16000 Noble Good-natured
Brienne of Tarth Gendry Bronn, Ser Illifer the Penniless Failing quests, fleeing from battles Fighter, leader 27 17000 Noble Martial
Bronn Anguy Ser Illfer the Penniless Not paying wages Fighter 2 1200 Noble Pitiless
Crastos Brienne of Tarth Syrio Forel Attacking the defenseless Tracker, fighter 3 1000 Noble Martial
Dacey Mormont Thoros of Myr Crastos Fighter (melee) 27 3500 Noble
Dick Crabb Anguy, Ser Illfer the Penniless Engineer, fighter 7 1500 Noble Martial
Direwolf ¹ Fighter Quest
Dongo ¹ Wun-wun Fighter (Infantry) 42 Quest
Gendry Anguy, Brienne of Tarth Hibald, Xhondo Engineer 1 550 Noble Good-natured
Hagen the Beautiful Dick Crabb, Xhondo Fighter (throwing) 13 Noble
Hibald Gendry Merchant 8 1670 Commoner Good-natured
Kurleket Fighter 5 Event
Mya Stone Crastos 13 15000
Podrick Payne Brienne of Tarth None Attacking the defenseless Fighter 2 550 Noble Good-natured
Qyburn ² Xhondo Shagga son of Dolf Not paying wages, heavy casualties Surgeon 4 10000 Commoner Cunning
Sam Event
Ser Barristan Selmy Syrio Forel Bronn Failing quests, attacking the defenseless Fighter 38 32000 Noble Upstanding
Ser Beron Grey 7 9000
Ser Creighton Longbough Ser Illfer the Penniless Bronn, Shagga son of Dolf Fighter (mounted) 4 2100 Commoner Good-natured
Ser Illfer the Penniless Ser Creighton Longbough Bronn, Dick Crabb Fleeing from battles Figher (mounted) 9 1900 Noble Cunning
Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse Dacey Mormont Brienne, Hibald 33 Noble Cunning
Shagga son of Dolf Bronn Ser Creighton Longbough Not paying wages Fighter 23 7250 Noble Cunning
Sylva ² Heavy losses Surgeon 5 9000
Syrio Forel Ser Barristan Selmy Anguy Running out of food, fleeing from battles, attacking innocent villagers Trainer, fighter 35 16000 Noble Upstanding
Thoros of Myr Anguy Brienne Surgeon and Fighter 32 18000 Noble Upstanding
Val Ser Illfer the Penniless Explorer, Throwing 11 3800
Wun-wun ¹ Dongo Archer 42 Quest
Xhondo Qyburn Anguy, Gendry Running out of food, not paying wages Fighter 10 600 Noble Martial

¹ These units equipments cannot be changed.
² These units are like maesters and can heal your injuries.

Units with special recruiting methods

  • Kurleket is recruited through a random map event.
  • Sam is recruited through a random map event.
  • Dongo and Wun-wun are recruited via quest in the north. West of Thenn between a group of trees. You must be a wilding to recruit them.
  • Direwolf can be recruited at the wolf's den. You must be a northman to recruit it.

Special Notes

  • Ser Beron Grey will ask for 1120 to recruit, but costs 9000. (fixed for v3.5)

Companions no longer in AWOIAF

  • Ulf (Level 46) - This outlaw companion can be hired along with his mercenary company you can find discovering AWOIAF. (No longer a hero character as of 2.0)
  • The Tattered Prince (Level 46) - This Noble companion can be hired along with his mercenary company his 2 companions (Caggo, lvl 46 and Denzo D'han, lvl 43) you can find discovering AWOIAF. (No longer a hero character as of 2.0)