Beta 10 Known Content; What's to come?

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List of new features/changes

  • Added the ability for Wights and Whitewalkers to only get hurt by certain weapons.
  • Added Wight and Whitewalker inasion.
  • 'Having children' feature fleshed out.
  • Added Daenerys and a small quest for her.
  • Added new troop trees for some Essos cultures.
  • Added new troop trees for different parts of Dorne.
  • Added all commissioned items thus far.
  • Added other commands to the formations battle menu.
  • Added a wierwood scene.
  • Replaced the Sept scenes for new ones.
  • Finished all the face codes.
  • Adjusted the after battle options to be dependent upon your religion.
  • Adjusted being able to read from @Septrys to @Citadels.
  • Added additional trainers so the player is able to recruit faction specific units.
  • Updated random/scripted wars.
  • Added new companion, Podrick Payne.
  • Fixed the mod options and preferences screen.
  • Fixed scene for Spicetown.
  • Fixed the kingsguard feature.
  • Some other tweaks/fixes/spelling fixes etc.
  • New presentation menus.
  • Scenic view menus.
  • Updated game mechanics.
  • Sea battles.
  • Updated ship systems
  • Various new armours, textures and scenes have also been added.
  • 38 brand new tracks created by Milan Cizek and inspired by the HBO TV series music which really compliments the atmosphere.

  • Screenshots

    White Walker armor

    Weirwood tree

    Weirwood throne

    The Hound's helmet

    Ser Loras Tyrell's helmet

    Brienne of Tarth's helmet

    Vale gambesons

    Reach Gambesons

    Stark Banner

    Snenic view

    New ships system

    Ships menu

    New ship battles

    Troop presentations

    Camp menu

    White walker options