Beta 10 Known Content; What's to come?

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List of new features/changes

  • Added new armour items.
  • Added the ability for Wights and Whitewalkers to only get hurt by certain weapons.
  • Added Wight and Whitewalker armies.
  • 'Having children' feature fleshed out.
  • Added Daenerys and a small quest for her.
  • Main questline completed.
  • Added new troop trees for some Essos cultures.
  • Added new troop trees for different parts of Dorne.
  • Added all commissioned items thus far.
  • Added other commands to the formations battle menu.
  • Added a wierwood scene.
  • Replaced the Sept scenes for new ones.
  • Finished all the face codes.
  • Adjusted the after battle options to be dependent upon your religion.
  • Adjusted being able to read from @Septrys to @Citadels
  • Added additional trainers so the player is able to recruit faction specific units.
  • Updated random/scripted wars.
  • Added new companion, Podrick Payne.
  • Fixed the mod options and preferences screen.
  • Fixed scene for Spicetown.
  • Fixed the kingsguard feature.
  • Some other tweaks/fixes/spelling fixes etc.

  • Screenshots

    White Walker armor

    Weirwood tree

    Weirwood throne

    The Hound's helmet

    Ser Loras Tyrell's helmet