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  • Added a few more swords.
  • Added new wildling armours created by Kraggrim. (hat, boots, gloves and armour variations)
  • Added more optimised models by Marshal_157. These include lots of armours and all horse models.
  • Added new arakhs created by Kraggrim. (normal, long, short variations)
  • Added baratheon shields created by Kraggrim. (round and kite)
  • Added adjusted Dothraki women models adjusted by Kraggrim.
  • Changed some names of shields to be more generic across the board. No more old or heavy etc. These should be obvious from the stats and item information.
  • Added item information for crossbows.
  • Gave knights correct banners.
  • Items (mules, Camels) that give stat changes in foraging and inventory management, will now do so if they are in your inventory rather than just by being equipped.
  • Changed all Wildling gear.
  • Changed all Dothraki gear.
  • Changed lods for northern helmet. (optimisation)
  • Updated all wildling village, castle, towns npc's.
  • Changed Weapon Master to Weapon Mastery. This skill now has an effect in the speed at which weapons will break.
  • Slightly increased the stats of the Dire Wolf.
  • Added some new gauntlets and removed others.
  • Adjusted some trade prices.
  • Timber is now cheaper and more readily available, though it will take more to build your settlement.
  • Various lords or ladies are less likely to leave the safe haven of their homes. ie, Joffrey, Walder Frey, Lysa Arryn.
  • Hoof tracks (for tracking skill) are now much clearer to see.
  • Added some missing dialogues for some companions, plus expanded some others.
  • Updated dialogue for the Bridge of Bones quest to make directions a little clearer.
  • Tweaked textures of menus.
  • Redone how quests are counted for the main quests. This fixes issues with some being able to be completed or started twice.
  • Tripled the amount of looter parties on the map.
  • Wights can now lose their heads.
  • Added weather specific scenes depending on the party you are fighting.
  • Added new female body created by DtheHun .
  • Adjusted clothing for 'brothel dwellers'.
  • Added animated spectators at arenas.
  • Made brothels a bit more lively.
  • Towns will be more lively if a tournament is being held there.
  • Added some new npc's from the books and the show.
  • Added messenger system from VC - you can now send ravens.
  • Adjusted war systems.
  • Added Spanish language support. (Some lines still need translating)

Added new companions created by Tages Grey (Patreon pledges)

  • Ser Beron Grey
  • Mya Stone
  • Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse
  • Lady Val
  • Hagen the Beautiful
  • Sylva


  • Lys - Removed some floating objects. Added missing entry points. Removed lots of in-needed items hopefully this will help alleviate the crashing issues.
  • Added Chroyane created by Moose.
  • Added modified Highgarden siege scene by Moose.
  • Added modified Blackcrown siege scene by Moose.
  • Added updated Thenn Valley scene by Moose.
  • Fixed issue with Red Lake banners.
  • Added 18 new ambush scenes.
  • For some reason props were missing from the wall scene - this has been re-worked.
  • Fixed Kayce arena scene.
  • Fixed Duskendale arena scene.
  • Changes to Winterfell arena scene.
  • Fixed issues when exiting the lords hall at acorn hall.
  • Adjusted prison door in Saltpans.
  • Fixed prison at the Dreadfort.
  • Added weirwood trees to most northern locations required.
  • Modified several scenes, added extra animated agents.


  • Fixed issues with Volantis troop swords.
  • Fixed all issues with item information. Some were not showing at all, but now are. Some were incorrect and have been corrected.
  • Fixed some items that were not giving the correct stat changes.
  • Fixed issue with Volantis soldiers armour.
  • Added missing entry points to Frostfangs Camp.
  • Fixed crashes whilst trying to raid villages if you have the direwolf companion.
  • The Tickler and Varys Spy have had the incorrect flags removed and are exempt from realistic casualties. These 'should' now work as intended.
  • Companions no longer get annoyed if you fail the tournament quests. (for sure this time!)
  • Bridges and Bones quest will now correctly finish if you fail. Also removed the pointless extra quest and logs related to this.
  • No wars should start after completing the quest Bastards and Broken Things if the factions are already at war.
  • Added the correct entry point for the master at arms at the Twins.
  • Fixed some incorrect dialogues for companions.
  • Fixed issues with Syrio, Anguy and Barriston.
  • Dongo or Wun-Wun can no longer join tournaments. This will stop them being able to ride horses.
  • Fixed some issues regarding player feasts.
  • You should no longer be able obtain a quest book in anything other than the quest.
  • Wights and Whitewalkers can no longer drown.
  • Various text fixes and changes.
  • Fixed starting next to lord opponents when starting a duel.
  • Fixed issues with prison breaks.
  • Lady Selyse Florent is no longer bald.
  • Lady Maria Velaryon is now spelt correctly and has Valyrian features.
  • Fixed some coding errors.
  • Removed some unused global variables.
  • Fixed errors showing when using decapitation.
  • Switched armourer and weaponsmith positions at Lannisport.
  • Fixed horses sometimes spawning on chairs.
  • Fixed starting next to the enemy when in an ambush.
  • Some code changes to A Lannister always pays his debts quest. This should always succeed now.
  • Fixed multiple lord companions being spawned.