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Author Topic: V4.3 Changelog  (Read 4088 times)

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on: April 11, 2019, 02:48:48 PM

Changed all skyboxes and code.
Changed some terrain border textures.
Updated some other terrain textures.
Removed some of the ugly trees from some terrain borders.
Prohibit player indictment by pretender
Robb is now very slightly easier to defend at the red wedding.
Increased the price of cows when purchasing from villages. This is to alleviate the buying and slaughtering exlpoit.
Dornish Sand cavalry are now guaranteed a shield.
Wight troops are now much faster.
Wights are have higher HP but don't cause as much damage.
Increased the number of wights and whitewalkers.
Giant's clubs now have crush through damage.
Wildfire is now only one use.


Npc's sat on the floor at the Crossroads Inn.
Various other slight changes to many scenes.
Changed some scenes terrain borders.
Fixed some issues with scene props in Mistwood.
Fixed some issues at Castle Wrath.
Fixed banners at Felwood.
Fixed issues at Stoney Sept siege scene.
Fixed spawning issues at Kings Landing siege scene.
Fixed issues at Hornvale scene.
Fixed/adjusted bandit camp scenes.


Fixed Issues with Dawn
Fix slot_party_home_center failures
Fix AI by initializing $teams_last_fighting properly
Fix Wandering Crows still present if the Nights Watch does not exist.
Fix some towns Wandering Crows were not visiting when they should be.
Towns owned by the Night's Watch should correctly no longer hold Tournaments.
Fixes made to Targaryen faction leader.
Fixed issues with Dothraki Khal mesh.
Fixed many issues with various textures and meshes.
Various issues fixed with the weather triggers.
A few typo's.
Fixed a few issues with the main quest line.
Fixed various issues with the red wedding event.
Fixed green terrain hue.
Extra damage options now correctly apply to player companions too.
Fixed remaining issues with HDR so this can now be turned on for better graphics quality.
Fixed sometimes giving an incorrect ambush scene.
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