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Author Topic: Recruitment and a few other bug reports...  (Read 306 times)

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Recruitment and a few other bug reports...
« on: September 07, 2018, 09:16:04 PM »
Hi! :-)

Let me start by saying i really like the mod, the time and detail put in is astounding.

However, i have found a few issues during my playthrough that i wanted to give you heads up about and /or possibly ask for a solution.

Some technical info

Currently playing 3.6 (warband 1.173 i think, latest - gog version)

Over 2000 in-game days, level 25, 800 renown and at least 5 charisma, reputation heroic, background free cities and full retainer background. Served north as soldier until red wedding, then vassaled for westerlands a bit until finding out about old valyria quest. Started kingdom in qarthigar. Also own castles in lower stormlands and weeping town. Stormlands have no fiefs but still exist as culture.currently on static wars but plan to switch soon if nothing else scripted is due to happen (did mutiny at crasters, red wedding and had white walkers invade and get over the wall, but i havent seen them anywhere in almost a year.)

So...to the problems. Firstly, seemingly no matter the relation with villages and whether they are owned by me or vassal, no recruitment option besides forced pops up. Forced always says other lords had their pick already. Taelon used to be able to give me qohoric recruits (free cities background) but not recently. All the stormlands fiefs no longer give any. As a matter of fact it is very rare that anyone has troops to recruit around other kingdoms also. That seemingly reduces me to rare villages and recruiters and inn recruits, which brings me to the second problem.

Inn recruits. I have captured weeping town about a month ago (in-game time of course) and the inn produces qohoric recruits. I have read that is due to kingdom culture, however upon changing it to stormlands nothing changed. Is there any way to not have to put up with only having qohor troops (cool and all, but i could use something besides goat head wearing infantry every once in a while)?

Third issue, recruiters. Are they supposed to just sit idle and not move if asked to either recruit troops from your faction(own kingdom) or say places like nights watch? They instead just stand by castle.

Garrisoning troops. I have captured a castle and given it to bronn (made him a vassal.) However i took out all but about 30-40 troops so that i could keep soldiers and he could garrison it himself. He didnt. He just sat inside the castle and would not answer summons or direct commands saying he needs to reinforce the place(had about 150 troops with him at the time). Just to be sure, went and got him some pushing him to about 350 soldiers. Instead of using them to garrison he would still sit there, just letting his soldiers desert until he finally went back down to about 170, still putting none in the garrison. I had to effectively denounce him and raise the garrison number to over 100 and give it to another lord for the logic loop to close, effectively sacrificing both a useful companion and a vassal to solve the problem.

I have also encountered a few issues with pathing, my vassals seem to get stuck between tyrosh and estermont, swimming around the stepstones in a loop until i pull them out of it. Not sure why. There is also a large number of reach and a couple of riverland patrols and vassals stuck in the oldtown delta on the inner side.

One game-breaking bug im sad to report is in the dialogue menu i have found by pure accident by talking to my vassal. If you only have one vassal and are in the same castle with them, if you ask them for someones whereabouts, that gets you stuck in a dialogue loop which never closes. He asks you whom, you respond with the town name you are in, he responds by asking again and the loop starts. Only way to exit is to alt-f4. It caught me unawares losing me good few days progress, so i figured ill give some heads up about it. Its a silly way to lose a lot if one is not careful and likes to explore everything.

Is the valyrian longsword (50k one, from the chunk jon snow gave you) only supposed to be 1h? Says 1h/2h but if i lose/unequip shield it only uses 1h to swing.

Also, i took crow's nest. Strolling through the grounds lands you underneath the keep stairs, behind textures, so a new spawn point might be useful.

As i stated before, these pale in comparison to how much enjoyment i got out of this. Just wish i had a better computer to run it with higher battle size xD

I would like to however take this opportunity to also ask for some advice:

Is there a good way to increase relation with my castles? I seem to be able to get the villages back up to happy with cattle and quests and schools, the town is having a library built, but at the moment buying wine gives me +1 and i seem to be losing -3 a day in the town (unmarried yet so cannot feast), will a library reduce that rate to help me get it back into the green? And what to do with the castles? Everything besides one is on negative no matter what and the one that is positive (rain house, first thing on westeros i managed to capture) shows me a stupid number (literally 152445 or something akin to that, it accumulated way before i captured other castles, and quite rapidly too.) I have tried to use a companion to help improve relations, but it only let me do it once, and to a castle i gave away to a vassal.

Supply wagons?  I heard brytenwalda had them but i cannot see the option in camp, report or any other menu. Googled but cannot find whether it has been removed back out.

Finally, treasures of the known world? Does that lead anywhere or is it just a stump from brytenwalda as most places seem to suggest? And...anyone find darksister yet? ;-)

Again, great job on the mod so far and thank you for reading. I really hope i can solve/get an answer to some of these.

Thanks for your time :-)

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Re: Recruitment and a few other bug reports...
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2018, 01:49:36 AM »


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Re: Recruitment and a few other bug reports...
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2018, 02:05:12 AM »
Had i known this was the only response i was going to get i would have never put so much effort into writing this. I only wanted to be informative, and possibly make my gameplay more engaging for myself by overcoming some obstacles.

Shame. I genuinely like this mod. More than clash actually. I guess its back to native until i find another good mod to sink time into. Thanks for reading and all the best folks.