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Author Topic: <3.5> Pathfinding Bug at Dragonstone + Bugged offspring's name + many others  (Read 379 times)

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I found all these bugs in 3.5, not in 3.6. Produno mentioned fixing in 3.6 log some sailing bugs about Sunspear, but not Dragonstone and Gulltown. Please excuse me if these bugs were already fixed, I cannot check it myself.

1) I called my son "Jacob Lannister", but when I gave him a fief, he just renamed himself to Lord Son and kept it that way.
2) My offpsring is also not considered my "son" or "daughter" at the character notes, but I believe this is too hard to fix.

3) I gave my son Qohor, but after a few weeks I found him travelling in circles at Dragonstone - he sailed for a few seconds, but then returned to Dragonstone port.

4) Same thing happens to Lorath - Lord/(Companion?) walks and sails in circles while traveling to his fief Lorath.

5) Master of Whispers does not spawn in King's Landing when Wife, Minister and other two Masters are all present.

6) It's kind of weird that your Master of coin spawns at Iron throne when wife is not present, I believe only lord's wife or King's landing lord should spawn at Iron throne.

7) Lys siege is broken (and made either immposible or too easy to win), defending soldiers get stuck at an wooden obstacle while going to walls. Attackers then may surf on the heads of the the stucked defending soldiers and fall to their deaths off the stairs or get slaughtered one by one by the defending soldiers under the stairs.

8 ) Arrows hit invisible wall, but I forgot which Essos castle was this.

9) Enemy soldiers spawn/get stuck at a hill during Lorath siege.

10) At Saltpans, enemy soldiers spawn/get stuck at a beam, forcing you to retreat if you do not any archers left.

11) Weird stairs in Lys (in front of dungeon) and some minor obstacle in a Lys tower.

12) In some towns/castles, relationship grows too high for no apparent reason, or decreases for no reason. I believe it has something to do with religion. Pyke had about -1500, making the buying prices extremely high and had selling prices at mere 1 coin. The relationship goes back to -100 or +100 if you win a tournament or complete town quests, but then still starts to increase or decrease.

13) Rarely, lords sometimes change their original gear by low-tier bandit gear. I see it happened to Jeor Mormont, Kevan Lannisters and Balon Greyjoy in my gameplay. Jeor lost his original gear and equipped bandit gear (inc. wooden shields and fork). Sometimes Jeor equipped his original body armor, but he always fought with bandit gear.

14) Some lords deflect to already defeated faction. Then they were taken prisoner by another faction and put into their dungeon. I freed the lord from the dungeon, but then told him he's my prisoner now. When I talked to him as a prisoner, my hero said something about packing his gear or what and then the lord became my companion. I happened to Lady Larra Blackmont and Lord Warryn Beesbury as you can see here.

15) During a nigh town ambush, sometimes you're also ambushed by mere citizens. Bandits charge you, but citizens just stand there waiting to be killed. Sometimes also the citizens charge, but they pose no danger since they have only fists. I recall it happened in Highgarden, Lannisport and King's Landings, but also in many other towns.
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Ad.5) Spymaster should stand between phillars near Littlefinger.
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