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Author Topic: Companion lords not using faction troops.  (Read 164 times)

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Companion lords not using faction troops.
« on: July 14, 2018, 05:37:33 AM »
I've taken the Shadow Tower, East Watch, and Castle Black from the Wildlings.

I gave Shadow Tower to Podrick and he's now fielding Night's Watch Troops. I want him to field Stormland troops since that is the culture I've chosen. When I recruit from any village I get Stormland troops.

Is there a way to get my companion lords to produce the troops that belong to the faction? At the least I was hoping he would produce troops from his own home town which a lot of other mods do. I figured that when he went to gather support those would be the troops he'd most likely produce. Same with all the other companions.

I plan on taking over everything but I can't do that with Night's Watch and Wildling troops.
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