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Author Topic: Releation Between Character Background Choices And Ability (v3.6)  (Read 1042 times)

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1. People
None:STR+1, AGI+1

2. Father
Lesser Noble Male: Renown+70
Lesser Noble Female: Renown+60
Merchant: Renown+30
Lord's Retainer: Renown+40
Outlaw: Renown+5,  Honor-20
A Serf: Renown+1
Slave: Renown-20
A Septon: Renown+10

3. Childhood
Brought up in a nobel count Male: STR+2, CHA+2
Brought up in a nobel count Female: CHA+2, AGI+1, INT+1
Blacksmith's Apprentice:STR+3, INT+1
Merchant's Apprentice:CHA+1, INT+3
Street Urchin:STR+1, AGI+3
Nomad Male:STR+2, AGI+2
Nomad Female:STR+1, AGI+3
Slave:STR+1, AGI+2
A Mummer:CHA+3, AGI+1
Retainer's Apprentice Male:STR+2, AGI+2
Retainer's Apprentice Female:STR+1, AGI+3
Acolyte:INT+2, AGI+2, Renown+15, Honor+15, Can Read Book

4. Vocation

Less Nobel Male:
Athletics, Riding, Trainer, WeaponMaster, Shield, Spotting, Tactics+2
PowerThrow, PowerStrike, Navigator+1
OneHanded+30, TwoHanded+25, Polearm+25, Throwing+10
Renown+25, Silver Stag+100
boot_light_crusader_a, aketon, tab_shield_round_b, arming_sword_short, saddle_horse1, bread

Less Nobel Female:
Athletics, Leadership, Riding+2
Persuasion, FirstAid, Reserved+3
WeaponMaster, PowerStrike, PowerThrow, Navigator, Spotting, Shield+1
OneHanded+15, TwoHanded+5, Polearm+10 Throwing+5
Renown+15, Siver Stag + 165
civil_poor_boots_a, wimple_with_veil, black_noble_dress, saddle_horse1, arming_sword_short, bread

Athletics, Foraging+4
Spotting, Looting, FirstAid+2
OneHanded+10, Polearm+15, Throwing+15
Renown-40, Silver Stag+10
wrapping_boots, knife, bread

Retainer Male:
PowerStrike, PowerThrow, Shield, Athletics, Trainer, Looting, Tactics+2
IronFlesh, Spotting+1
OneHanded+35, TwoHanded+30, Polearm+40, Throwing+30
Renown+5, Silver Stag+120
upper_linen_tunic3, boot_light_crusader_a, tab_shield_kite_a, sword_medieval_a, dagger, bread

Retainer Female:
WeaponMaster, PowerThrow, Shield, Ironflesh, Trainer, Spotting, Looting, Tactics+2
OneHanded+25, TwoHanded+25, Polearm+30, Throwing+40, Archery+30
Renown+10, Silver Stag+155
boot_light_crusader_a, leather_gloves, dagger, bread, blue_general_dress

PowerDraw, Athletics, Persuasion+3
Spotting, Foraging, PathFinding+2
OneHanded+10, TwoHanded+5, Polearm+10, Throwing+10, Archery+25
Renown+3, Silver Stag+50
Can Read Book
peasant_man_f, wrapping_boots, dagger, lyre, bread
book_tactics OR relic

Free peasant Male:
Athletics, Ironflesh+3
Foraging, Spotting, Tracking, Looting+2
PowerDraw, PowerThrow, Shield, FirstAid, InventoryManagement, Trade+1
OneHanded+5, Polearm+20, Archery+10, Throwing+15
Renown+2, Silver Stag+160
hood_newblk, peasant_man_f, dagger, wrapping_boots, smoked_fish, bread

Free peasant Female:
Athletics, Spotting, FirstAid+3
InventoryManageMent, Ironflesh, Foraging +2
PowerThrow, Tracking, PowerDraw, Shield, WoundTreatment+1
OneHanded+10, Polearm+15, Archery+20
Renown+2, Silver Stag+120
peasant_dress_b_new, civil_poor_boots_a, knife, bread

InventoryManagement, Trade+5
OneHanded+10, Polearm+20
Renown+5, Silver Stag+300
peasant_g, wrapping_boots, knife, bread, grain, pottery, wool

Athletics, PowerStrike, WeaponMaster, Trade, Engineer+2
OneHanded+20, TwoHanded+15, Polearm+20
Renown+2, Silver Stag+230
wrapping_boots, leather_apron, leather_gloves, hatchet, bread, stones, tools

Tracking, Spotting+5
PowerDraw, PowerThrow, PathFinding, Athletics+2
Foraging, Looting+1
OneHanded+20, Throwing+25, Archery+50
Renown-20, Silver Stag+50
peasant_g, hood_newblk, wrapping_boots, dagger, hunting_bow, arrows, dried_meat, furs

A Begging Brother:
FirstAid, Trade, PathFinding+3
WoundTreatment, Surgery, InventoryManagement+2
Polearm+15, Throwing+15
Can Read Book
Renown+4, Honor+30
stones, quarter_staff, pilgrim_hood, priest_robe, bread
book_tactics OR relic

5. Fate
Personal revenge:STR+1, PowerStrike+1
The loss of a loved One:WoundTreatment+1, IronFlesh+1
Wanderlust:AGI+1, PathFinding+1
Religious fervor: CHA+1, Persuasion+1
Being forced out of home: INT+1, Spotting+1
Lust for money and power: AGI+1, Looting+1, Renown+20

6. Religion
The Faith of the seven: Renown+5, Spotting+1
The Drowned God: Renown+2, Looting+1
Old Gods of the Forest: Renown+3, PathFinding+1
R'hllor: Renown+2, Persuasion+1

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❤ Thank you for this! So far the data seems consistent with what I'm experiencing in-game.


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Re: Releation Between Character Background Choices And Ability (v3.6)
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Youre the best.