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Author Topic: (v3.0 Moddb) Right to rule decreases dramatically? How to increase it?  (Read 379 times)

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I have married a lady (Janei Lannister, she's 4yo tho), I've send companions to missions, I've finished numerous of wars etc. yet my right to rule is literally below zero. I can get it to 10 or 20, but then all of sudden it decreases to -30 or even -60, making it impossible to manage my own kingdom and hire new lords. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there a SAFE cheat to manually increase my right to rule to 100, where it should be after 2000 days of gameplay? Thanks!
Great mod btw,  I love Lanniesters.
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I was playing the other day and my RTR was -650. I thought maybe it was because I was a mercenary at the time, but I started a new game and never found out.

You could try cheat mode. I think there is an option to increase RTR.

But I don't know why your RTR keeps going down.