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Author Topic: 2.0 Announcement  (Read 5094 times)

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2.0 Announcement
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:01:18 PM »

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Information

Firstly, apologies for having to keep putting the release date further and further back each time. I know I had planned to release this a couple of months ago, but due to work and being ill plus the fact I wanted to fix as many bugs as possible and add as much as I could, this has had a big effect on being able to get it complete.

So for that reason I have decided to set a cut off point for 2.0. I shall be releasing 2.0 over on my forums to any backers of the mod (Donators, heavy contributors) On Sunday.

I shall then release to the public (ModDB and Steam) the following week end on Saturday Afternoon UK time.

The reason for releasing on my forums to backers a week early: This gives something back to the people that have helped support me to continue working on this mod. Which has certainly helped get this update out quicker. It also allows me to make any tweaks necessary before uploading to the masses.

I'm sure you have all seen the previews of what's to come. A massive thanks to Kraggrim and Robertidaniel for most of these.

If you missed them, here's a few more:

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