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Author Topic: Custom Units  (Read 5077 times)

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Re: Custom Units
« Reply #30 on: August 12, 2018, 03:37:53 PM »
Speaking to the original question, yes you can make original troops in this mod.

You have to use Morgh's and then Use the looters as your peasant base. Then build your own troop tree from recruited looters. You don't have to remove the poachers and brigands. Just make a second branch on the second tier and go from there.  Then use one of the factions as a template and create new units from there (haven't tried this part, or just take the slave tree from Tyrosh and Myr and make them into whatever you want.

You can even buff the Red Priests and give them that hafted Morningstar and some wildfire pots (seems fitting really), and convert that morning start into a piercing weapon which it should be. Now you've got a ridiculously OP Red Priest Berserker with fire pots.  Good fun.

I did the same with that entire tree as well as the drowned men and the Old Gods Worshipers. the OGW now have longbows, a long axe, and I've improved the stats on their robe and given them plate mittens. That and 300 to archery and 2 hand.   And the Drowned Priest is similar but has 3 stacks of throwing axes and a nice 2 hand battle axe. I don't think any of these are out of lore but fun to watch the Drowned Priests tear into infantry and cavalry with those axes.

I'm currently converting that abysmal Peasant Woman tree into something reasonable and useful. They'll be beautiful horse archers on white steeds when I'm done with them. They're going to be sexy AF.  No one is going to kick them around anymore.