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Author Topic: AWOIAF 1.3 Changelog  (Read 2263 times)

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on: June 07, 2017, 08:41:55 PM

Battle continuation added to sieges.
Expanded defensive area for Pyke siege.
Changed the way killing lords works. If you are at war with the faction of the lord you killed, the relationship loss will be less. The relationship differs depending on the reputation of the lord killed. ie, you will get a big hit for killing an upstanding lord, but if you kill a debauched lord the hit will be much less.


Joining sea battles when enlisted as a lord will now correctly spawn you in a sea battle.
Fixed issue with Golden Company Pikeman weapon skill.
Fixed issue with Westerland Pikemen weapon skill.
Fixed regular sailors not giving ship speed increase but sellsails giving twice as much as they should. 
Your quest log will now update correctly for the lands of always winter quest.
Small issue fixed with A Lannister always pays his debts quest.
made a few small changes/fixes to ten towers scene.
Attempted fix for lords companions being cloned when imprisoned. (requires a new game).
Fixed issues with hair + beard textures.
Fixed a small issue with whitewalker meshes.
Your own faction should no longer hate you when you kill a lord.