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Author Topic: AWoIaF v1.1 Changelog  (Read 1615 times)

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on: May 28, 2017, 11:53:50 PM


Changed ferry locations to Ferry instead of Harbour.
Gave Natural Harbours the correct menu and new scenes.
Some levies now have spears.
More items should now be for sale and dispersed a little better.
Made some changes/fixes to Storm End scene.
Created new scene for Princes Pass.
Ai will no longer swing there banners.
All lords now have secondary weapons incase their main weapon breaks during combat.


Corrected typo for leadership skill
Fixed some clipping issues with some Stormlands armours. Also optimised the textures for these.
Fixed issues with Norvos siege and center scene.
Fixed stray props in Claw Isle village.
Fixed issues with duels.



Some companion dialogue changes.
Fixes to Old Valyria quest
- If you already belong to a faction, the castle and its village will transfer to them.
- Fixed issues with the menu repeating.
- Both centers should now correctly change to the correct colour if owned by the player.
- Fixed correct requirements.
- The ruined castle is now in the correct place.
- Relations should now be set correctly.
Added siege camp menu from VC.
Removed some un-needed code.
Balanced/reduced the amount of throwing axes you can carry.
Sellsails and Veteran Sellsails now also increase sailing speed.
Unsullied now have short swords.
You can now use harbours/ferries if you are marshal. As a result I have increased the price to use them.  - (needs thorough testing)
Replaced various weapons.
Adjusted some weights of some helmets.
Dothraki faction should never use the sea.
Animal parties should never use the sea.
Added Levy feature from VC and removed being able to remove village troops from villages (garrison village).
You should no longer sacrifice Janis Lyren if sacrificing men to escape the enemy.
Changed auto calc battle algorithm.
Adjusted loot scripts.
The Others have a drastic effect on player auto calc now.
Added The Second Sons merc party.
Added The Stromcrows merc party.
Added 3x special pirate parties. Lady Korra, Urho the Unwashed and The Shrouded Lord.
Added newly made higher res banners for the Stormlands.
Added new map textures created by kraggrim for new shaders from VC.
Added new ground textures created by Kraggrim for the new shaders from VC.
Optimised more textures/meshes.
Added newly made higher res banners for the Iron Islands.
Various map changes.
Various texture changes.
You can now use your traits in sea battles.
Bandit parties will now only use black sails.
Added an extra siege ladder to Weeping Town.
Whitewalkers or Wights should never be captured.
Janis Lyren is now auto assigned to cavalry and should not loose items.
Lots of changes to the sea ai. Parties should no longer get stuck around port towns. Parties are generally moving a lot smarter now.
Added some new map icons.
Added some new sounds, Changed some others and optimised.
You will now get a slight relationship bonus depending on the culture you select at game start.


Added new scene for Planky Town.
Added new scene for Volon Therys


Fixed various issues with the player fortified camps.
Fixed some issues with wrong troops increasing sailing speed.
Fixed issue with Ten Towers saying you need a siege tower to be built when you don't.
Fixed bald settlement whores.
Fixed any items not displaying they apply certain penalties.
No more bald Essosi women.
Fixed Frey trainer not giving the correct amount of troops.
Fixed Lannister trainer not giving the correct amount of troops.
Fixed poachers not leaving you alone when you decide not to attack them.
Fixed poachers standing still if they take you prisoner.
Slave traders should now correctly show up in some port towns that allow slavery.
Fixed White Harbour AI mesh.
Shipwrights now correctly show up in port towns.
Fixed not being able to recruit sailors more than once.
Fix background mesh error when capturing enemy ship.
Fixed other parties other than ironborn having the greyjoy sail.
Fixed sea captain in Dragonstone.
Fixed issue where joining an ongoing sea battle would cause you to fight on land. This should now correctly initiate a sea battle.
Fixed issues with bridge at Greywater Watch scene.
Fixed not getting prisoners after battle.
Made some fixes to We take what is ours quest.
Fixed The Lands of Always Winter auto completing.
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