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Author Topic: FAQ  (Read 17221 times)

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« on: April 13, 2014, 04:16:27 AM »

When does the mod take place?
At the start of The War of the Five Kings.

Can i kill lords and kings?
Yes, plus many NPC's, though they bear great consequences.

Are relations locked between factions?
Yes if you choose Static Wars mode.
Otherwise no, though their preferences to allies and enemys are influenced to be the same as the books or the TV Series at the beginning of a new game.

Will their be special locations for me to explore from the books and the TV Show?
Yes there is already plenty, though most are hidden so you need to find them.

Can i join the Nights Watch?
Yes, they are a faction.

Can the others and their wights only be killed by certain weapons?

Will their be special items i can find from the books or TV Series?

Will the Dothraki be a faction?
Yes. Plus you can find roaming bandit parties.

How will Lords and Kings etc be portrayed?
Their personality and character will be the same as in the books or the TV Show. If they are likely to betray in the books or Tv show they will be likely to betray you in the game too.

Will their be dragons?
Probably not no.

Will their be huge cities etc i can explore whilst still being able to play the mod on my 'heap of junk'?
Yes, you shall be able to explore huge cities and the likes and still have good playability on your 'heap of junk'. All be it on low settings mind, but hopefully no crashes here! (This is a work in progress, though optimisation is high on my list)

Can i make sacrifices to the different Gods?
Of course.
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