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Help and Support / Right to Rule
« Last post by Slamberton1 on July 19, 2018, 04:33:56 PM »
How do you activate the Right to Rule cheat that was added in V3.6 ?
Help and Support / Re: Party Morale and Enlistment
« Last post by Indo95 on July 19, 2018, 01:21:32 PM »
if you havent already, turn off rest improves morale. it causes debuffs in morale when not resting each night at a castle or camp. also try getting some leadership with you and companions, and maybe get one companion that can be an entertainer. having over half your party limit also decreases your morale, the more over half of your party limit you go, the more morale you lose over time.
Help and Support / Party Morale and Enlistment
« Last post by LordNakko on July 19, 2018, 10:07:30 AM »
How do i keep my party morale up without spending skillpoints in Entertainment? Is there a way to have a bard companion? I dont want to visit a brothel every week. I ubderstand that the mod made some changes to the morale system, can anyone explain or give me some tips?

Also, are there any drawbacks to enlisten in an army in terms of renown, right to rule and such? Even if i am of noble birth, i dtill get enlisted as peasant. Will that be a Problem if i want to become a vassal/ruler later?

Thanks in advance!
Help and Support / Re: Just a bunch of starter questions
« Last post by King J on July 18, 2018, 06:33:04 PM »
You can't marry Margery but if you want some fun with a Tyrell Lady you can marry her aunt (Jenna or sth like that). She only appears at feasts in Highgarden.

The Night's Watch villages will keep supplying you with Night's Watch troops, they don't change culture (afaik). So even if he gets rid of the troops, he will probably have new soon.

For better relations, you could search for imprisoned Free Folk lords to free them. Or just send them some money by talking to your minister if you are already a faction leader.

Reforge Valyrian steel if you have finished the main quest. Or buy it if you haven't. Both at the weaponsmith in Qohor.

If you had a castle on Skagos, e.g. by moving Quartigar there with morghs editor, your vassals won't be able to visit you for feasts because there is no harbor. Ofc you could also move the harbor close to Quartigar to Skagos. But don't forget the village of Taelon if you do so ;)

Help and Support / Re: Just a bunch of starter questions
« Last post by meldragon on July 18, 2018, 04:48:04 PM »
If U want better relations with some faction, U must look for a moment when some of their lords/caravans are fighting in a battle, then go and help them... It will give U some relations... Same goes with helping defend a fiefs or villages...
Help and Support / Re: Just a bunch of starter questions
« Last post by dominance on July 18, 2018, 01:28:39 PM »
I can help you with your marriage thing, I made a guide for this.

A World of Ice and Fire / Re: How to recruit unsullied?
« Last post by Egg The Small One on July 18, 2018, 08:32:18 AM »
One in game week
Help and Support / Re: Just a bunch of starter questions
« Last post by Egg The Small One on July 18, 2018, 08:29:03 AM »
Maybe If you will wait for some game days (I don’t know how much but I think more that 100 ) something bad will happen with Rennly .

I don’t think that you can take troops from him , and near Wall there is a lot of willing parties ,so maybe he just lose them in battle ?

If you are holding any nightwath fiew that maybe that can be problem with Widlings ,but idk .
Help and Support / Re: Bunch of Starterquestions
« Last post by DocDewrill on July 17, 2018, 10:13:17 PM »
Thanks for the awnser!

please ignore the second thread i opened, this was under a Guestname and had to be released/approved by a Mod, but the 2 designated mods for this forum seeme dto be offline for a few months up to years so i reposted the questions.   

Help and Support / Re: Just a bunch of starter questions
« Last post by DocDewrill on July 17, 2018, 10:11:28 PM »
Tanks for the awnsers lads!

Wasnt thinking about another mod,  but there is supposed to be a Valiran Battleaxe that ocne was in House Crabb. was hoping for somethign like that.

second favorite weapon would be a Bastardsword, but seems i stay limited for now :P

managed to plow down the nightswatch in a bloody attritounus War with loads of ledn-money and can finaly call myself Lord of my own House. Yay!

Another couple of questions:

1.: Womens
My personal goal for this playthrough is it to get my hands on MArgarey Baratheon/Tyrell.
Question is, since she starts married to Renley,  coudl i technicly start a War with him and THEN start seducing her?  maybe marry her by Force?  seduce her while i hold her prisoner? or should i wait for tournaments in Stormsend aqnd try to Woo her that way?  what would be the most effective approach?

2.:  Vasalls Armys
So i gave Podrick control over the little Village south of the Shadow tower, he seems happy, but he only has a couple of Nightswatch soldiers with him,  i think i left them in the shadowtower garrisson instead of re-positioning them to the Wall (where i store all my Nightswatch plebs)   can i reasign troops to gendry?   i eman i can give him troops yes, but i would like him to get rid of the nightswatch plebs.

3.:  So, the Freefolk doesnt like me  (-5 suspicious) and even though im at +20 relation with most of their armys and mance aswell, i cant seem to find a way to get a better relation with the faction as a whole.
Any ideas?

thanks again in advance!
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