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A World of Ice and Fire / Sending faction leaders to the wall
« Last post by Draconis on September 20, 2018, 08:30:14 PM »
I know that you can send lords to the wall when you are king, but can you send faction leaders (other kings) to the wall in order to get their equipment? Aka Tywins sweet armor.
Great ideas and good read.  I hope produno reads and responds because I agree, with a little more content/changes this mod would be G.O.A.T. level.
A World of Ice and Fire / Noble clothes
« Last post by thiagordo on September 20, 2018, 06:13:24 AM »
How do i get noble clothes? never seen one like that in the game ...
Help and Support / Email Activation Issues
« Last post by Triandal on September 19, 2018, 11:22:29 AM »
So i registered but an activation link never came to my email and i cant activate my account and i cant log in.. The name of my acc is Triandalf
Suggestions & Discussion / [3.6] Reached 2000 Day! Talks about bugs, changes and new ideas.
« Last post by Triandalf on September 19, 2018, 11:02:11 AM »
Hello GoT Fans. First of all here is the proof that i indeed reached 2000 day in this mod (V.3.6). https://prnt.sc/kw4it6
I am playing with 0 cheats and on hardcore level. Details about my character and faction are here: https://prnt.sc/kw4lja  https://prnt.sc/kw4m2t  https://prnt.sc/kw4mh2
So yeah i have managed to conquer half of westeros, daenerys is my great ally and the white walkers have vanished.

I would like to discuss about bugs i have found, things that could change for the better, and about new stuff we can have in case produno
has the time and the will to make new versions and make this mod even better. If you are too lazy to read all of this better just check the "about new stuff
stuff" i wrote for you.


This mod is incredible.. Its almost bug free.

1. There is a very rare bug which has happened to me no more than 5 times in 2000 days. In the sea while you are in a battle and the battle is over
there is a chance the game will crash and you will have to close it. If you play with saves you will have to lose all your saves. https://prnt.sc/kw4h1n

2. A bug that im sure that has happened to other players too is the reach lords who are getting stucked in the river close to oldtown. Once i saw 10+ lords
in there stucked like this. I guess it will be easier for me when i declare war against the reach...  https://prnt.sc/kw4npj

3. A big bug here is the house targaryen with king aegon targaryen.. as you saw in my previous photos there are two targaryen factions.
The targaryen faction of Aegon is like a ghost faction. No territory no wars nothing at all. Here is a photo of their faction. https://prnt.sc/kw4mtc 
I managed to find only one of their lords and when i asked him where all the rest are he didnt know. So yeah its a ghost faction with ghost lords. Either you fix it or not it doesnt make much difference to be honest.

I think thats all the bugs i have found. I dont really pay too much attention to small bugs so maybe there are more. if you have found more feel free to share them.


There are some things that can be changed and updated to make the mod even better. I dont know if all of them are possible though.

1. The white walkers. I have talked about this before. I am on 2000 day and i have never fought against them to be honest because they are not a single threat to anyone.
They just end up vanishing by making battles vs randoms. The last time i saw night king he had 200 troops and 1000 prisoners. So yeah they need many updates for example
a) After they defeat a party all the troops and prisoners of that party should turn into wights to their army (if its possible) so they will be much more powerfull.
b) For a) to work properly and not just making them even more powerfull to beat, the wights should die by common weapons so it will actually make sense to fight against them  with your armies. just put them clothes with 100+ armor and its done. No point for us to lose our entire armies for nothing.
c) A risky update is to make them capable of besieging castles and towns and if they take them they just sack them and leave them empty. We have this option aswell. It can be their only option. Right now white walkers acts exactly like bandits... they are just much stronger.

2. Women who lead armies like Daenerys targaryen are presented as lords and its a bad thing. I dont know if its possible to change this but we should be able to marry them. We just wont have them in our court and we wont be able to make them our ministers because they are leaders of an army. We can just have an option to call them to follow us from our own minister so we can talk to them, fuck them and make babies xd.
And about feasts you can have an option to tell them that you are about to make a feast and they will go there with you alongside the rest of the lords of your faction. In this way you can also increase your relation with your wife to 90+ so you can have your child. You will still be able to take tasks from her and everything else you do with other lords. Although to be able to marry a woman like this you need to be a great guy. For example to marry daenerys who is the ruler of a faction you should need like 1000 renown, 200+ reputation, good relation with her etc. I dont know if all these are possible to happen though.

3. When you are a ruler of a huge faction like i am you need to have full control of your vassals. The prisoners stuff.. My vassals many times take prisoners which i would like to have. I think there should be an option to be able to take prisoners from other lords by paying them some money. Other lords can ask that. We should too. It would make things much better.

4. Lords executions... I mean i tried once to kill a lord of the westerlands to see whats gonna happen and you know what happened? the entire essos factions declared war
against me. The entire essos declared war against me because i killed a fucking lord of the westerlands.. you know that this makes NO sense. we should just have a very bad relation with the lords of the faction this lord belonged to maybe also lose a big amount of reputation and increase our renown a lot. There is no point on having an option to kill a lord with such penalties.

So yeah if hopefully new versions come out, these are the most important changes i would love to see.


Oh dear i could write about new ideas the entire day.. but i think we need only one new thing now after the red wedding event.

1. More Jon Snow.  So produno put more quests for the wall with jon snow in it and thats lovely. What about Jon Snow becoming the ruler of the north and declaring war against the boltons? I will explain this a lot. So with the red wedding event popping up you cant just have the boltons rule the entire north.. it makes no sense it didnt happen either in the books or in the show. A new faction should be created named House Bolton where boltons rule winterfell and have some other vassals joining them. The north will have a new ruler (Manderly maybe?) and they will be at peace with the boltons (for a time).

So to have an invasion for jon snow first you need a good questline like the one for house targaryen invasion. So here are my ideas about the jon snow invasion questline.
First of all we need to avoid the wildings taking out castle black and auto declaring war against the north which would fuck up everything. So the best way to do this
is to have them at peace from the beginning. To be honest the wildings were hiding from the nights watch all this time so they werent fighting at all until the battle for the wall. All the quests which produno has at the moment for the wall are great. The only thing that should change for this to work is that after crasters keep quest jon snow doesnt become the lord commander. instead alliser will become the new lord commander or someone else. After the crasters keep quest we should have a new quest. The battle for the
wall quest. Mance rayder will gather his army and he will attack the wall like he did in the show and the books.

Our quest will be to support nights watch and defend the wall like any other siege. Nights watch will win anyways but if we die we fail  in the quest if we dont
and survive the entire battle we succeed in the quest and take our rewards. After we complete this quest mance rayder dies thenns die tormund becomes a prisoner
and the lord of bones becomes the new ruler of the free folk. Now i have never joined the free folk i dont even know if its a possible thing. If someone wants to join
the free folk he will just have the same quest for the battle for the wall but he will be an attacker instead of a defender. Free folk will lose anyways so yeah
no hopes for you guys. So as you can see we can have the free folk and the nights watch be at peace but still attack each other in this quest.

When the questline is over after an amount of days the event of jon snow invasion will pop up. The free folk lords will become vassals of the north with jon snow
as their ruler. Tormund can become either a vassal or just a companion of jon snow. And the great war for the north begins. With half the north and the entire territory
of the free folk i believe jon snow can easily beat the boltons and rule the entire north in the end.
And to make sure that jon snow will be the ruler of the north before the white walkers invade we can have their event begin after 150 days since the jon snow invansion event which will also begin after 150 days since we have finished with the battle for the wall quest.


I am a proffesional as a player in mount and blade and in this mod. I can bring new ideas and share my opinion about stuff but i dont know if some things are possible
to happen and i dont know how much time and effort they need to happen. i believe the jon snow questline and event is a possible thing and i would love to have it.
Oh and i would easily pay some money for it aswell. Let me know your opinion about all these and if you have any questions about anything just ask.
I am looking forward to a new version, with or without all this stuff in it.
Help and Support / Re: [3.6] Varys Quest Doran doesn't give a shit
« Last post by Lores on September 18, 2018, 02:17:28 PM »
Whoa! An actual answer to one of my questions here! And a helpful one! Noice! Thanks!

I was at Water Gardens and waited on the map for daybreak, because I had assumed he'd only spawn during the day... but I went straight to the tent on the right where the Elder stands, because I thought his Doran Martelliness wouldn't be hanging out anywhere else. Nice! Now I can finally continue! No more random mods and Acok's-aesthetics-got-wasted-by-HBO-ACOK.

Sweet! Thanks!
Help and Support / Re: [3.6] Varys Quest Doran doesn't give a shit
« Last post by Maester Rawl on September 17, 2018, 11:07:51 PM »
It depends on what option you choose at the beginning of the game.
If you choose the "Book" option, you will have to speak with Doran. If you choose the "Show" option, you will speak to Ellaria.
Help and Support / Re: Special troops from Master-at-arms!!
« Last post by ausland28 on September 17, 2018, 08:30:09 PM »
I'll check them out, thanks for the tips man :D
Help and Support / Re: [3.6] Varys Quest Doran doesn't give a shit
« Last post by King J on September 17, 2018, 07:33:00 PM »
I'm not sure cause I can't play and take a look at the moment but wasn't it changed to Arianne instead of Doran? Then you'd have to look for a woman standing at that very same spot.
Help and Support / Re: Special troops from Master-at-arms!!
« Last post by King J on September 17, 2018, 07:19:13 PM »
It's been a while since I've been using any of these so no guarantee. Take it as suggestions rather than fact ;)

As far as I remember:

White Harbour - White Harbour Knights
Winterfell - Stark troops

I'm sure that some of the following (maybe all of them. Don't know but no time to play and check it recently) are from ACOK but you could check the castles and see if any special masters at arms are hanging around there:

Twins - Frey troops
Dreadfort - Bolton troops (pretty sure that was in this mod)
Pyke - Kraken guard (not sure about the name but pretty sure it was this mod)
Raventree Hall - Raventree archers (ACOK I think)
Stone Hedge - some knights (ACOK I think)
Runestone - knights (ACOK I think)

Maybe Karhold or Last Hearth but I think it was ACOK as well
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