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Localizations / Localization files
« on: March 05, 2019, 11:09:54 AM »
Here you can help each other localize the mod to other languages. The text is almost complete, bar a few quests that will be added in the future, though I will try and keep the files here updated with the latest version.

If anyone knows of any website where we collaborate on text then please let me know, I can then upload all files to there and pull the files to update the mod each release.

Blank localization file for v4.2


Suggestions & Discussion / Tooltip Tutorial Alerts
« on: December 30, 2018, 02:09:00 PM »
I am thinking of putting tooltip popups in the game explaining certain elements of the mod, a good example is the entertainment feature. The popup will only show once and will be similar to the initial popup on game start.

I am looking for ideas on what else needs a tutorial/explanation popup. Any features you feel needs to be explained to the player, anything you didn't quite understand.
Hopefully this will help add a level of polish to the mod and make sure everyone get the most out of all the features it has to offer.

General Discussion / So this happened recently.
« on: May 02, 2018, 02:43:36 PM »
My Evo 8 parked on my driveway had been vandalised. Some scummer stole the vortex generator off the roof then came back to try and steal the spoiler, though in the process they have damaged the spoiler and the boot lid (both possibly unrepairable) including denting and marking the rear quarter, damaging the gutter plastic and the rear light (see the gap).

The vortex generator they stole was fake carbon, they will probably get £40 for it on ebay.

The spoiler they fucked however is real carbon fibre and costs around £600. So they have cost me around 2k damage just so they can sell something for £40!!!!

I had been saving to give it a full respray as it's full of minor surface rust. This has now gone out of the window just because some lowlife (who is obviously that shit, they cant even steal properly) decided he couldn't be bothered to earn his £40 through work... the same way I could afford the car in the first place!

Please don't steal - as seen, just so you can gain a couple of quid can cost 1000's to the person you stole from!!

Lets Plays and screenshots. / Produnos lets play of v3.5 dev build.
« on: January 21, 2018, 05:53:56 AM »
I was thinking of starting a lets play of the 3.5 dev build (before the new quests go in). The idea is so others can preview the new builds and at the same time we can do some bug hinting. So i will jot down any bugs found whilst playing through and other can post any they see in the comments section. This all depends on time however.
Let me know if you would be interested in watching this. :)

A World of Ice and Fire / A World of Ice and Fire 3.0 Released!
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:37:44 AM »

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0 Release

Here is my little Christmas present to you all, i hope you have fun playing over your holiday period.

If you enjoy the modification, don't forget to vote for us in the Mod of The Year 2017.



Added a few more swords.
Added new wildling armours created by Kraggrim. (hat, boots, gloves and armour variations)
Added more optimised models by Marshal_157. These include lots of armours and all horse models.
Added new arakhs created by Kraggrim. (normal, long, short variations)
Added baratheon shields created by Kraggrim. (round and kite)
Added adjusted Dothraki women models adjusted by Kraggrim.
Changed some names of shields to be more generic across the board. No more old or heavy etc. These should be obvious from the stats and item information.
Added item information for crossbows.
Gave knights correct banners.
Items (mules, Camels) that give stat changes in foraging and inventory management, will now do so if they are in your inventory rather than just by being equipped.
Changed all Wildling gear.
Changed all Dothraki gear.
Changed lods for northern helmet. (optimisation)
Updated all wildling village, castle, towns npc's.
Changed Weapon Master to Weapon Mastery. This skill now has an effect in the speed at which weapons will break.
Slightly increased the stats of the Dire Wolf.
Added some new gauntlets and removed others.
Adjusted some trade prices.
Timber is now cheaper and more readily available, though it will take more to build your settlement.
Various lords or ladies are less likely to leave the safe haven of their homes. ie, Joffrey, Walder Frey, Lysa Arryn.
Hoof tracks (for tracking skill) are now much clearer to see.
Added some missing dialogues for some companions, plus expanded some others.
Updated dialogue for the Bridge of Bones quest to make directions a little clearer.
Tweaked textures of menus.
Redone how quests are counted for the main quests. This fixes issues with some being able to be completed or started twice.
Tripled the amount of looter parties on the map.
Wights can now lose their heads.
Added weather specific scenes depending on the party you are fighting.
Added new female body created by DtheHun .
Adjusted clothing for 'brothel dwellers'.
Added animated spectators at arenas.
Made brothels a bit more lively.
Towns will be more lively if a tournament is being held there.
Added some new npc's from the books and the show.
Added messenger system from VC - you can now send ravens.
Adjusted war systems.
Added Spanish language support. (Some lines still need translating)

Added new companions created by Tages Grey (Patreon pledges)

Ser Beron Grey
Mya Stone
Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse
Lady Val
Hagen the Beautiful


Lys - Removed some floating objects. Added missing entry points. Removed lots of in-needed items hopefully this will help alleviate the crashing issues.
Added Chroyane created by Moose.
Added modified Highgarden siege scene by Moose.
Added modified Blackcrown siege scene by Moose.
Added updated Thenn Valley scene by Moose.
Fixed issue with Red Lake banners.
Added 18 new ambush scenes.
For some reason props were missing from the wall scene - this has been re-worked.
Fixed Kayce arena scene.
Fixed Duskendale arena scene.
Changes to Winterfell arena scene.
Fixed issues when exiting the lords hall at acorn hall.
Adjusted prison door in Saltpans.
Fixed prison at the Dreadfort.
Added weirwood trees to most northern locations required.
Modified several scenes, added extra animated agents.


Fixed issues with Volantis troop swords.
Fixed all issues with item information. Some were not showing at all, but now are. Some were incorrect and have been corrected.
Fixed some items that were not giving the correct stat changes.
Fixed issue with Volantis soldiers armour.
Added missing entry points to Frostfangs Camp.
Fixed crashes whilst trying to raid villages if you have the direwolf companion.
The Tickler and Varys Spy have had the incorrect flags removed and are exempt from realistic casualties. These 'should' now work as intended.
Companions no longer get annoyed if you fail the tournament quests. (for sure this time!)
Bridges and Bones quest will now correctly finish if you fail. Also removed the pointless extra quest and logs related to this.
No wars should start after completing the quest Bastards and Broken Things if the factions are already at war.
Added the correct entry point for the master at arms at the Twins.
Fixed some incorrect dialogues for companions.
Fixed issues with Syrio, Anguy and Barriston.
Dongo or Wun-Wun can no longer join tournaments. This will stop them being able to ride horses.
Fixed some issues regarding player feasts.
You should no longer be able obtain a quest book in anything other than the quest.
Wights and Whitewalkers can no longer drown.
Various text fixes and changes.
Fixed starting next to lord opponents when starting a duel.
Fixed issues with prison breaks.
Lady Selyse Florent is no longer bald.
Lady Maria Velaryon is now spelt correctly and has Valyrian features.
Fixed some coding errors.
Removed some unused global variables.
Fixed errors showing when using decapitation.
Switched armourer and weaponsmith positions at Lannisport.
Fixed horses sometimes spawning on chairs.
Fixed starting next to the enemy when in an ambush.
Some code changes to A Lannister always pays his debts quest. This should always succeed now.
Fixed multiple lord companions being spawned.

A World of Ice and Fire / MOD OF THE YEAR AWARDS - UPDATED 12/12/17
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:21:06 PM »
Please help A World of Ice and Fire win mod of the year and vote on ModDB.


We came in the top 100 last year which is pretty awesome so lets see if we can do better this year!


Good news everyone, we made it into the top 100! Now every vote counts to see how far we can climb in the final 100. Please cast your votes again if you enjoy the mod and keep an eye out for the next update :)

A World of Ice and Fire / New webpage and screenshot competition.
« on: November 24, 2017, 12:57:39 PM »
I have spent a little time on the website, as before it looked pretty dire and no one visited it. I am hoping it can be used as a hub to access all places AWoIaF is located.


I am also going to open a competition for a featured screenshot for the front page (next the the featured videos). If you would like to take part, then please post your screenshots here. The higher the resolution the better. Once all entries are in i will create a poll so we can vote who wins and which should be posted on the front page of the new website.

I will probably do the same for a video after v3.0 :)

No closing date set yet, but i imagine it will be in a couple of weeks.


Forum Suggestions / Forum ads
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:31:56 AM »
Some people have brought to my attention some browsing apps block the forums.

I have made some changes to the ads now so could anyone please let me know if its any better.

In the mean time i shall look for a different provider because tbh, these ads are pretty bad and i really dont like them.

Other Game Engines / Godot
« on: September 30, 2017, 07:53:02 PM »
A relatively new game engine I have been looking at to do some commercial projects.

Take a look: https://godotengine.org/

AWoIaF v2.0 / A World of Ice and Fire 2.5
« on: September 30, 2017, 07:52:58 PM »
Unfortunately this next update will break save game compatibility due to the fixes. So I will upload it as a full download rather than a hotfix. It will however be the last update before 3.0.


Added LOD's for all trees.
Lords are more likely to go into exile with the factions closest to them. This limits issues like Southern Westerosi lords going into exile with the Free Folk for example.
Added wildfire model and modified code plus sounds by Arsakes.
Wildfire can now hurt wights.
Adjusted the way trading works and prices are calculated. This should remove the repair an item exploit.
Adjusted stats of nearly all archer units.
Added Thenn Valley scene created by Moose.
Added tutorial box on game start to explain a couple of things about the mod.
Removed option to pay off village elder as this caused exploits.
The Reach will now try and assist the Westerlands in Static wars mode.
Added a chest to the settlement interior.
Selling prisoners to Yoren should now be the same as with the other Nights Watch recruiters.
Increased stats and prices of some companions.
Giving the letter to Stannis now starts a war.
Added fixes to Casterly Rock scene by Moose.
Slightly reduced the speed of the Cutlass.
Adjusted some equipment of various troops.
Unsullied now have something on their feet.
Added more model optimisation and improvements created by Marshal_157.


A Lannister always pays his debts quest should work a bit better now.
Lords of the Nights Watch should now no longer be able to be sent to the wall again if they are still part of that faction.
Fixed various character's being incorrectly referenced as the incorrect gender.
Triggered events now work even if you are enlisted or waiting.
Fixed issues with lords being indicted for treason - script errors, incorrect factions.
The Wolf den and Giants lair now work as intended. They have to be beaten before you can gain anything.
Fixed missing mesh: hacerbarco
Fixed issue with white blobs when realistic shadows on plants option is turned off.
Added arbour fix from Moose.
Added Oldtown fix from Moose.
Fixed infinite dialogue with some maesters.
Fixed issue with some companions not coming back when sent to get right to rule.
Fixed around 300 mesh/texture/material errors.
Removed a load of unused textures.
Fixed Settlement interior showing the incorrect banner.
Fixed incorrect guards showing if player joins a faction as a vassal.
Fixed some issues with alliances/wars etc.
Fixed Kings Guard boot error.
Fixed issues ambushing enemies at stream.
Fixes to Lys scene.
Fixed after completing a siege whilst enlisted would force you into a battle with your allies.
Fixed Dagmer giving incorrect faction relation changes.
More text fixes.
Added modified Kings Landing siege by Moose.

AWoIaF v2.0 / A World of Ice and Fire 2.2 Hotfix - RELEASED
« on: September 27, 2017, 12:51:15 AM »

Updated The Mountains armour by Kraggrim.
Removed some destructible items.
Removed the 20+ men requirement to raid villages.
Added new loading menu created by patrickokra.
Changed sound files to wav instead of ogg to hopefully alleviate crashes.
Changed some building textures.


Fixed some spelling mistakes.
Tidied up several scenes, removed floating objects etc.
Fixed a few more meshes with issues.
Blackfyre is now correctly a bastard sword.
Quest troops should now never die (hopefully).
Ice should now correctly damage Wights and White Walkers.
Adjusted Greywater Watch so the attacking army will not always drown.
Slightly moved the Guildmaster in Winterfell to make him a little more noticeable. Also adjusted player entry points to assist with this.
Fixed issues with building meshes at Flints Finger.

Fixes/Changes to Enlistment - Please report any bugs you get whilst enlisting.
- Added back the option to take a vacation, if your relations with your commander are high enough.
- Fixed glitch where you could enlist and de-enlist to reset all faction relations.
- Fixed factions sometimes declaring wars after you de-enlist.

AWoIaF v2.0 / Changelog V2.0 hotfix - RELEASED
« on: September 26, 2017, 02:04:29 AM »

Lots of meshes have been modified and optimised by me Kraggrim and Marshal_157.
Updated some Ironborn textures from Kraggrim.
Made raiding parties more aggressive.


Fixed issues with meshes.
Removed excess Whitewalker parties that should not have been there.
Arakhs should now correctly block.
You should now be able to engage all bandit parties.

A World of Ice and Fire / A World of Ice and Fire 2.0
« on: September 23, 2017, 04:25:39 PM »

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Release

The 2.0 release of A World of Ice and Fire marks another massive milestone within the production of the modification. A large number of bugs have been fixed, including quite a few long standing ones. A huge number of new items have also been added, these all follow the guidelines set out from the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. A massive thanks to Robertidaniel and all of the backers for allowing this possibility and also a big thanks to Kraggrim who has been working diligently to get all of this complete for this release.

If you would like to see the full changelog, it can be found HERE

There has been some big changes in this release and one of them I would like to touch upon is the removal of the find item cheat menu. The reasons behind this are simple, it causes bugs, issues and the game to crash. This is a limitation with the sheer size of the mod and the warband engine. Some of you have voiced your concerns of me removing this and I hear you! So I have been trying to add ways to allow the player to acquire all the items in the mod.
One of those ways was always possible. You kill the lord and you acquire his gear. An alternative way, get crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms (or Queen) and send the person in question to serve at The Wall.
A brand new way is to buy gear from the faction blacksmiths in various towns.

Another exciting feature is the ability to only kill White Walkers and Wights with the correct weapon. This was a feature in previous builds but was bugged and did not work correctly. You will be glad to know this is now fixed and the Others are now harder than ever. Also watch out for them giant Wights ;).

Aside from all the code fixes, NafNaf_95 and Moose has been working hard fixing and adding new scenes. NafNaf_95 has managed to fix a huge amount of siege bugs and path finding issues so hopefully 2.0 should now be a much better experience all round.

Again a big thanks to all the supports on patreon and all those that have donated through other means. This allows me to continue working on the mod making it better and allowing me to release updates quicker.
If you would like to see this continue then please head over to my patreon page.
Produno's Patreon Page

Current Version: AWoIaF v2.0

AWoIaF v2.1 hotfix

A World of Ice and Fire Dev Team.

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