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Suggestions & Discussion / Re: Old Valyria
« Last post by Azril on Today at 07:34:16 AM »
Thanks for the info I found it. I should have known as the bit of land its on look almost the same as the old island.

Love the work on the mod. Its very much appreciated. 
Bugs / [ 4.1 ] Multiple Bugs
« Last post by Arya on Today at 07:18:58 AM »
There are some very annoying and gameplay ruining bugs in 4.1 and some of them persisted in older versions too.
Please note that the persisted version numbers are just my notification, I played this mod mainly at 3.0. So I don't know if the bugs persisted in older versions (before 3.0) too.
Here is some required info for bug reporting.
M&B Warband  v1.174 (Steam)
AWOIAF v4.1 ( ModDB )
Computer specs:

Lenovo Ideapad 310
Nvidia 920MX 2GB DDR3
Core i7 7500U (7th gen)

  • Knights don't switch to swords in field battles, That includes all the units which "Knight" word with them. I have tested Robber, Stormland, Red Cloak, Vale, and Reach Knights and they all do this shit. Even in close combat they keep fcking with banners or lances.
  • A truce or any kind of agreement (Trade, defensive, alliance) with a faction does not end. The remaining days are stucked at a constant initial value. like 20 days truce will always be 20 days, It won't decrement even after eternity. { Persisted from 3.0 }
  • My companions are gone after a field battle. It is happening again and again. I had to load saved game after battle only to find out my companions are gone !! I was fighting with Reach and it happened like 4 times and after recent event, I was disappointed and closed game. It also decreases my army significantly, I had 425 units and after battle, there were 253 even tho my casualties were less than 100.  {Persisted in 3.0  but this time it's happening much more frequently !} check the screenshots!
Only Bronn left: https://imgur.com/XysnleV
No companion in party except Bronn:https://imgur.com/yAl1qbC
Suggestions & Discussion / Re: Old Valyria
« Last post by Indo95 on Today at 05:33:49 AM »
I dont seem to have the island on my map I cant go down that far my ship wont go any further.

Has the location changed again?

I have the lastest Steam version, have the guy in my party,50 men,10k and tool in my party but island is not there.

it has changed, it is around the same location, more to the east of the world map where the island would've been.
Suggestions & Discussion / Re: Old Valyria
« Last post by Azril on Today at 12:51:19 AM »
I dont seem to have the island on my map I cant go down that far my ship wont go any further.

Has the location changed again?

I have the lastest Steam version, have the guy in my party,50 men,10k and tool in my party but island is not there.
Hello. So I decided to give this mod a try, it looks really cool! I am going to try to do the storyline at realistic gamemode so no quit whiteout saving but what will happen if I fail with a mission? Will I fail the entire storyline and have to create a new character? Also I noticed when I first started the game that my character is dirt poor and only has a shitty slow axe and no horse at the start, so I decided to try to enlist in Robbert Starks army, and try to make my way up in the ranks to get a decent income. But that lazy fuck almost never goes to battle! xD. I guess I have to join another lord who has fiefs closer to the border or something. It also took ages for me to get my first promotion in Robberts army so I wonder what is it that triggers the promotion? when I look at the xp needed or whatever it's called it says N/A but I still got promoted. Do I get promoted for amount of time being in the army, after a certain amount of battles thought or do I need to kill loads of enemys? Or what triggers the promotion?
Help and Support / Re: Battle fps severe FPS drop
« Last post by jipped on January 15, 2019, 10:52:33 PM »
You can look at your task manager and see if everything is running okay.  I was getting 1.20 Ghz when it should be 3.5.  I tried overclocking, and adjusting numbers in bios but it was just a bad motherboard.  Now that I replaced it, I can run games at 60fps easy with decent graphics.  In this mod I can have smooth 300-400 people in battle without stuttering and dropping below 50 fps now.

Also, I had the same issue for about a year until I figured out it was hardware. 
Help and Support / Re: Battle fps severe FPS drop
« Last post by Dae on January 15, 2019, 05:13:56 PM »
OMFG! The motherboard?! I've been having total random stuttering singe a year and I thought it was windows 10 being windows 10 thus derping!
I would have thought that if the motherboard was going bad I would have other signs tho? The thing is when I get those stutters usually a restarts fixes it. Any pointers for me to check it out? See if it's really the MB?
Bugs / Re: Can't recruit men
« Last post by Arya on January 15, 2019, 01:01:37 PM »
Thanks for the replies

By the time this will be fixed i will recruit prisoners from exiled knights

it isn't such a bad way to recruit ;) I usually hunt exiled knights only when they have a lot of units as prisoners...
That's what I do, Recruiting from villages is too costly !
Hunt down outlaws when they more prisoners ;)
You can't because it's part of the inherant mechanics of Mount & Blade itself that all lords are males, so Danay is the mod is simply a male character with a female skin. It should be possible to alter this in theory, but I reckon it must be extremely complicated since Produno never bothered changing that. All ladies you see in the mod that command armies are the same, the game treats them as males but they look like females, you even get in game reports saying that X lady is chasing Y lady with marriage proposals. You can probably marry Dany if you pick a female character ironically and even get her pregnant.
You can not marry any female lord even if you are a female. There is no option of marriage proposal!
Hello GoT Fans. First of all here is the proof that i indeed reached 2000 day in this mod (V.3.6). https://prnt.sc/kw4it6
I am playing with 0 cheats and on hardcore level. Details about my character and faction are here: https://prnt.sc/kw4lja  https://prnt.sc/kw4m2t  https://prnt.sc/kw4mh2
So yeah i have managed to conquer half of westeros, daenerys is my great ally and the white walkers have vanished.

I would like to discuss about bugs i have found, things that could change for the better, and about new stuff we can have in case produno
has the time and the will to make new versions and make this mod even better. If you are too lazy to read all of this better just check the "about new stuff
stuff" i wrote for you.


This mod is incredible.. Its almost bug free.

1. There is a very rare bug which has happened to me no more than 5 times in 2000 days. In the sea while you are in a battle and the battle is over
there is a chance the game will crash and you will have to close it. If you play with saves you will have to lose all your saves. https://prnt.sc/kw4h1n

2. A bug that im sure that has happened to other players too is the reach lords who are getting stucked in the river close to oldtown. Once i saw 10+ lords
in there stucked like this. I guess it will be easier for me when i declare war against the reach...  https://prnt.sc/kw4npj

3. A big bug here is the house targaryen with king aegon targaryen.. as you saw in my previous photos there are two targaryen factions.
The targaryen faction of Aegon is like a ghost faction. No territory no wars nothing at all. Here is a photo of their faction. https://prnt.sc/kw4mtc 
I managed to find only one of their lords and when i asked him where all the rest are he didnt know. So yeah its a ghost faction with ghost lords. Either you fix it or not it doesnt make much difference to be honest.

I think thats all the bugs i have found. I dont really pay too much attention to small bugs so maybe there are more. if you have found more feel free to share them.
There is a bug which was there perhaps since 2.51, persisted in 3.0 and yet in 4.1 and that is the truce period does not decrement. It's always 20 days !!!
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