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Help and Support / Test
« Last post by Harvexha on Today at 12:26:30 PM »
Hello! I want to become a tester. :)
Can I access the beta version?
A World of Ice and Fire / Re: 3.6 save game compatible ?
« Last post by King J on October 16, 2018, 06:45:09 PM »
Does the same apply to changing the version from 3.0 to 3.6? Will the save be compatible?

No, you have to start a new game. Many new feautures, events and quests.
A World of Ice and Fire / Re: 3.6 save game compatible ?
« Last post by Mikolaj on October 15, 2018, 09:10:15 AM »
Does the same apply to changing the version from 3.0 to 3.6? Will the save be compatible?
Bugs / Re: Can't Leave Kings Landing
« Last post by Col_Crushem on October 14, 2018, 10:59:08 AM »
Seeing this is an older thread, but just figured out a sudo-solution recently.

It appears that there are only a certain number of "spaces" available for options to choose from when you enter a city.  Prior to owning King's Landing, you'll notice that when you enter the city, there are additional options to choose from that don't exist in other cities (i.e. Sept of Baelor and Alchemists Guild), and if you start a business, that will add an additional option to choose from...i.e "Visit Your Iron Works."

Then, when you're given or you take King's Landing (I got it through diplomacy; convinced the owner to be my vassal then brought him up on treason), it adds even more options (i.e. Manage this Town and Manage this Garrison).  With "Leave" always at the bottom of the options list, it basically doesn't show up because there are too many options for the "spaces" available.  I sold my business which removed "Visit Your Iron Works" and did one other thing (which I forget what it was) that removed another option, and now I can see "Leave" when I scroll down to the bottom of the options screen.

Certainly something that could be fixed by adding more "spaces" to cities' options screens, but this is at least a work-around that worked for me; hope this helps.
Suggestions & Discussion / King's right hand
« Last post by Harvexha on October 14, 2018, 09:54:31 AM »
Hello! If, of course, there is no such function in fashion, then I suggest:
- Add the appointment of the king's right hand from unique companions or lords.
Thanks for attention. :)
You can use Thorgrims map editor and just change all grass for snow on the campaign map.
Suggestions & Discussion / Make lords Companions Npc like sandor clagene
« Last post by zahreyn on October 07, 2018, 05:16:56 AM »
Produno I advice you make lords npcs are like sandor clagene becayse when they become prisoner they are being useless just make them return to their lords back when they reliesed just like as sandor. Because they are lost when I rescue them. This is riddiculus because these npcs are son of them. Or cousins.or succesors.
Suggestions & Discussion / Kingslanding always give runtime
« Last post by zahreyn on October 04, 2018, 08:16:24 PM »
When I go more then one tüme to kingslanding it is giving to me runtime and game is close also when I have war it gives runtime
Bugs / Lord...
« Last post by Harvexha on October 04, 2018, 06:23:40 PM »
The lord does not let go on vacation.
Last rank, in service 1 year.
General Discussion / Re: When AWOIAF is released?
« Last post by Harvexha on October 03, 2018, 12:27:34 PM »
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